Summer Travel: 5 Ways To ALMOST Guarantee A Great Vacation

In travel, and life, there are no guarantees.  It’s not as if you can control outcomes, or count on the fact that everything will play out as expected.  Some people say that to have a greater level of happiness, simply maintain low expectations.  I say that doesn’t sound like a fun way to live, and personally, I would much rather spend a few extra minutes making a game plan for a great vacation, than expect the worse.  Besides, in life, you usually get what you are looking for.  You know, those self-fulfilling prophecies?

Now that summer travel is about to kick into full craziness, make the most of the money you have invested, so read on, and implement these five ways to make the next vacation the best one yet.

Dad and Daughter

5 Ways To Almost Guarantee A Great Vacation


So if this is a family vacation, pre-selection isn’t exactly an option.  As a parent, you can’t sit your children down and say, “I’ll take you, and you, annnnnd…we are leaving you home, because you scream too much.”  I don’t have kids, but I’m fairly certain that would turn your next vacation into a “hotel-room” cell.

But, if you are planning a vacation with friends, carefully think about who you are traveling with, and the personalities involved.  This will make a difference in how your trip goes, whether enjoyable, or not-so.

Since, as parents, you can’t leave your children home, a month, or two before the trip, begin talking about the vacation, and let the kids look at picture books of the place.  Begin to outline loose ground rules about what they can do to prepare, and talk about expectations for the trip. Use the trip as part of a reward system for your children to complete chores and homework. Want us to do your homework for money? You will definitely get instant help from our expert writers in completing your assignments.


Pick your travel buddies carefully

A Piece At A Time

Take pieces of your vacation planning one at a time.  This way you won’t become as overwhelmed with doing it all at once, planning exhausted, or leaving things to the last minute.

Karalee Mulder

Taking things one step at a time will eventually get you to where you want to be.

The Stages Of Packing

Some become really stressed when it comes to packing.  If you are one of these, don’t leave packing till the night before, but instead, start by checking the weather, brushing up on the fashion of the place you are visiting, and making a list of what you will need.  And know that when you throw things in your bag the first time, take only half of what you initially packed.  The majority of people ALWAYS overpack.

Flight Attendant Packing

Arrive Early

Airports, and queues for summer activities are going to be crazy.  If you know this, expect this, and plan for this, it won’t send you into such a tizzy.  If you are taking airplanes, arrive at the airport EXTRA early.  Then you will have time to sit; go to a restaurant, play some cards, talk to your kids, your friends, or read that guide book.  Take the time to relax and breath.  You’re on vacation!

Chill Summer Vacation

Look for FREE

Vacations are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.  Financial stress is one of the biggest breakers of relationships, and individuals.  When choosing a vacation, don’t think of this as the one time ever, so you do EVERYTHING, then once back home, you feel crushed under vacation debt.  That doesn’t sound like the best vacation ever.  Before you go, and while on the trip, think about your budget, and look for free activities.  There are SO many free, or inexpensive options for fun activities.  For example, many cities have free walking tours, and last week, when I was on a work trip, I had an evening out, and spent a wapping total of $11 USD, which included transportation, food (salad, bread, wine, water, and chocolate), and the prettiest view.

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Overall, these five points are just ways for you to minimize vacation stress to in turn, maximize vacation fun.

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