Why More Straight Men Need To Be Flight Attendants


The airline industry is one of stereotypes, majorities, and minorities.  One of those minorities being heterosexual males.  Straight male flight attendants exist, but it isn’t expected.  I am disappointed when I hear feedback from some of my straight male friends that say they have thought about working as a flight attendant, but have brushed the thought aside due to stereotypes.  I believe that everyone is entitled to their choice of sexual orientation, and people should feel accepted in the environments that they find themselves in.

And I also believe that more straight men need to be flight attendants.  Keep reading to find out why:

Because you can…

1.  Fly With Me

Cute Flight Attendant Uniform

This of course would be the best reason, and since it’s the most important, I think this blog is finished…

Just kidding.

2.  Free Travel– which is actually the real, best reason:)

Airplane wing

3.  Days To Play– Flight Attendants usually have a schedule that allows them to do what they really love on their days off.

Aqua Sports Maui Kite boarding

4.  Cute Passengers:  Women like to travel.  You meet them.

5.  Cute Coworkers:  You won’t have very much male competition for your female colleagues’ attention.


6.  The Adventure:  You never really know what you will get to experience, and you can create adventure.

Happy Travel Days

7.  Builds Character:  You learn to deal with people, patience, and other important skills that build character.

Paris in the rain

8.  No Monetary Investment:  It doesn’t take paying for school, or years, or a big investment to try out the flight attendant thing.


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Greg says May 22, 2014

I’ll simply vote this one as the funniest yet of your blog posts. Not sure if you’re fishing for any rebuttals, but here’s one anyway. I do have to agree that most people outside the industry still stereotype us. Example given: you’re out of uniform and simply say to someone that you work for an airline. As a man, they almost always assume I work as a pilot. I’m fairly sure most women will still be thought to be flight attendants (or stewardesses/stews for those from the old school). Now, part of that will be because those are the two highest profile (and supposedly glamorous) airline jobs, and most people don’t give much thought to all the other behind the scenes or even front line jobs. I’m prone to chalking the rest of the assumptions up to societal biases. Yes, you might say “flight attendants are primarily on board for your safety” in which case nobody should give a flip what kind of sex they like to have in their off time. Nonetheless, I’d be willing to bet that a large percentage of passengers still see flight attendants as service providers, pilots as adventurers, mechanics as gruff fixer-uppers, rampers as gofers, etcetera. That said, as far as the environment itself being appealing or a career deterrent I think a lot of straight men would also take into account whether they really want to be stuck in a cramped metal and plastic tube for hours at a time with no chance to escape the chatter/smells/recirculating airborne diseases/come-ons and other assorted unpleasantries (to put it in politer terms than you’ve done in previous posts). What you describe above as the good aspects of the job does sound splendid though, and may be more than enough reward for some guys. Thinking just a little bit outside the box, they could get pretty much all of those same benefits by choosing another airline job. Hmmm, gate agent, for instance. Just sayin’

Erik says May 22, 2015

Brillant !
I’m a straight guy who was looking for pros and cons to work as flight attendant !

You maybe convince me to try this out !
(Particularly advice #5)




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