Which Story Will You Tell?

This is for Becca,

I’ve never met you, but you inspire me.  I’ve never met many people that have read this blog, but your emails, comments, and quiet support fill me with purpose.  Thank you.




This morning, I wrote in my notes:

“I feel crushed by the weight of my dreams.”

Yesterday, I cringed and critiqued my scantily clad body reflected in the mirror, sweat covering more skin than my clothing, as I stepped and stretched in and out of yoga poses, engulfed in discomfort resulting from the 101 degree heat, but more deeply entrenched by the discomfort of my soul.

My reflection mocked, teased, and taunted, enticing me to breath those words once again,

“You. Are. Not. Good. Enough.  You. Are. Fat.”

I quietly stared back.  Maybe, this time, staring can be considered Fighting,

and Facing


olomana hike

I have had a TED Talk on repeat the last couple of days, and in it, Tony Robbins, says, in reference to his past, “I divorced my story and married the truth.”  


Which story do you tell yourself?  What are the words that no one, but you lives by or in some cases, suffers through?

Maybe a divorce is in order.

I’m a blogger, a title that was unplanned, and unexpected, but writers create stories, and I write to clear my head.  I write because I was born for more than what I was, for more than some of the stories I am tempted to believe about myself.  No matter how inadequate I feel in moments, I am alive.  I am still alive.  I am so alive.  And I am writing new stories, truth stories, stories that build value, encourage hopeful optimism, and cultivate influence.

I began reading The Artisan Soul a couple of days ago.  When I need to be studying aircraft diagrams, I read.  I read that…

The past will be our future until we have the courage to create a new one…The artisan rejects all that makes us false and takes the huge risk of being true.  To embrace our authentic selves and live in that raw expression of being fully human is our greets risk and our richest reward.  -Erwin McManus

I read that…

There is nothing common or ordinary about you.

I figure, if I must be distracted by something, reading words so powerful, inspiring, and thought provoking will help me in this Flight Attendant Life.  Because in any occupation, hobby, or pursuit, we bring who we are, at our core, to those places.  I am more than just a flight attendant, and the result of this blog being more than just about flying.  We encompass an energy, a character, and a way of living that stems from the stories that we tell.  Who, what, and how are you in the places that you spend your time?

We can only create out of who we are, and everything we create is a reflection of who we are.

-Erwin McManus

This morning, my dreams felt heavy, and do still.  Although inspired to reach them, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude.  I want to scream, and pull my hair, and just sleep in for one day without the constant fascination with creating.  I sometimes just want a normal dream of a house.  Or just one wild aspiration.  But then I know that that is just not me, and living that way would for me, be inauthentic.  And in all honesty, I have no idea what to do, but to run after the dreams that make me smile with unwavering passion, uninterrupted enthusiasm, and undeniable imagination…

One more quote:

I didn’t know if it was worth the risk.  ‘You have already succeeded.’  I asked him why he would say that and his response was just as sure…

You have a story to tell.  You have a story worth telling, and because of that the outcome is irrelevant to your success.”

You don’t have to be a writer, a blogger, a flight attendant, or crazy like me to have a story.  Just be you.  Believe in you.  And tell a story that is kind, true, and communicates how valuable you are in this world.

Which story will you tell?

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