Private Flight Attendant vs. Commercial Flight Attendant: Q&A Part 2


I’m back!

For those of you just tuning in, this is Nicole. Like Kara, I also am a Flight Attendant; but I work in Private Aviation. Right now, I’m on a JetBlue flight heading across the states to get on the private jet to fly my passengers back. I could have stayed with the plane and with the pilots for four days, but my friend had a baby shower. So, I flew in and then took a commercial flight out, and now, I’m flying back in. That’s a lot of flying.

Both commercial and private flight attendants fly a lot, but the jobs are different. A few weeks ago, Kara and I sat down and discussed the differences between being a commercial flight attendant and being a private flight attendant. If you haven’t read or seen the videos for Q&A Part 1, you can see that here and here.

This is Part 2 of our Q&A: Private vs. Commercial Flight Attendant Life.

In the video, we talk about:

  • What is the difference in layovers?
  • What is the difference in home base?
  • What are the pros and cons of your different jobs?
  • SECRET BONUS QUESTION: Watch the video to find out!

The more I talk to Kara, the more I realize we are in such similar and yet different jobs. Kara would rarely have more than a 24 hour layover. I on the other hand can have anywhere to a couple hours to a several days in one place (the longest layover I had was 10 days in Tahiti. This is pretty rare, but one of the passengers was pregnant, so they requested that the crew to stay with them in case of an emergency).

My home base is technically anywhere a client or operator has a private jet (but generally the big cities). In commercial aviation, there are specific bases that you have to start out at as a junior and from there, you can possibly work your way into the location you prefer.

Interesting enough, our Pros/Cons made me realize how different Commercial Aviation can be from Private Aviation. Kara said the worst thing was dealing with the jet lag and her favorite thing was all the friends she has made (including all you lovely blog readers). I have the almost opposite situation. Since I’m on a small private jet with just two pilots and no other flight attendants, my biggest con was being alone a lot (NOTE: I’m a huge extrovert). I still love, and continue to enjoy traveling, as much now as when I first began flying. That is a huge pro for me.

Thanks again for letting me join your community. I look forward to sharing more about what it is like to be a Private Flight Attendant.

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Quynh Nguyen says October 10, 2016

Hello Nicole, I like your post, and I have read them all. I really want to become a private flight attendance, but I do not know how to get my feet in the door. I am a recent college graduate with a degree in International Business. I apllied for Xojet but they rejected me 🙁 I know I can do it but I also know that they will not give me a chance because i do not have the experience of being a flight attendant… What should I do to reach my dream ? Do I have to know the right people to get in?

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