Air Travel- “Regular” Passenger Style

I felt out of place.  Waiting in line, in regular clothes, in this location, seemed unnatural.  I purposely left my fancy juice concoctions unpacked.  I emptied my bottled of VOSS water pre-security, and watched as CREW cut in front of me in line.  I pulled my laptop out of my bag, put ballerina flats flat on the screening belt, toes collecting fungus from millions of foreign feets.  The radiation penetrated through the layers of clothing loosely hanging from my body.  I was up too early in the am for the stark reality of it all.  I was a passenger again.  A real, regular passenger.

Airport traveler

Don’t know how I feel about this

Along with my absolutely adorable new uniformI lost all my free flight benefits.  

Norwegian Long Haul Cabin Crew Uniforms

Exibit A

No more showing up at the airport, deciding if I should go to Iceland, Mexico, or Hawaii today.  No more missed flights, with back-up plans, for the back-up plans, for the back-it-up plans.  It’s kind of shocking that I would give up a benefit that I used so extensively, that I completely based my lifestyle on– it was life defining.



Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

The Alaska Train

Alaska Adventures

But to truly experience a life full of adventure, one MUST accept the fluidity of being alive- that change is constantly occurring, and that it is essential to embrace what appears next, even when good has been relinquished.  Whenever a trade is made, something given up, there becomes room for something better to replace the missing.

I’ve been grounded for over five weeks, which was almost welcomed following a couple of months of airplanes every single day, seven days a week.  My days away from flights and airports have caught up with me.  I think I’ve forgotten all travel savviness I ever learned.  I didn’t pack my waterless hand sanitizer, or my socks.  Items that I never forget!  I wear sandals, or any type of slip on shoe, and bring socks, as planes are exactly like industrial sized walk in freezers, preserving travelers for a later date.  I always bring a blanket too.  Always.  All day on airplanes means comfort is a must!


Never know when you are going to need to snuggle up

I don’t like traveling as a passenger, with the restricting passenger rules.  I don’t know how those regulars handle it.  It really bothers me that I am not allowed to bring my Almond Coconut Milk with me, and my Beet, Carrot, and Kale Juice was actually needed to balance out the Save The Endangered Animals Dark Chocolate I nibbled on between watching my nerdy entrepreneurial podcast, and the naps.  I don’t like waiting in the lines.  And paying for bags?!  That’s annoying too.  Since I am on this rant already, I will add that airport food is gross.

No wonder passengers are grumpy when they finally reach my smiling face at the aircraft door.

Flight Attendant Problems

I would be grumpy too.


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