My Address Is A Hotel

Flight Attendant Chaos

“Do you have a room preference?” the dark haired girl at the hotel check-in asked with a signature hotel check-in smile, which I do believe is a close cousin to the flight attendant grin.  My mind wanted to say, “I’ve never been here before, so how am I supposed to know which rooms are the best?”  but my voice (thank you voice) responded with a polite, “You know this place better than I do, and I’m going to be here for awhile.  So, you pick.” The click-click of the mouse pulled up a new screen on her computer, and with an “Ahhh”, a nod, and, “Wow! Twenty-nine nights, huh?”  she placed me away from the traffic.  She said it was nice.

And it is.

I have my own studio, equipped with a flat screen TV, really fancy couch, and such a comfy bed.


The breakfasts are kinda nice too.

Hotel Free Breakfast

And it’s all free.

Well, someone pays for it, but not me.  Thanks to company operational needs, a third of my paycheck is not going to pay rent this month.  Sometimes there are pros to the cons of a forced move.

And seriously, who hates having a personal maid to clean-up after you and a personal driver??  Not I.  I’m definitely not a hater, although it’s not like snap your fingers, where ever you need to go, and when, but I can get to the airport, and that’s all the matters.  The airport gets me anywhere important, and an added bonus?  One of the drivers was so distressed over the fact that I was not traveling with my boyfriend, he’s taken it upon himself to find me dates. He’ll be dating matchmaking while I’m sitting on a beach in Aruba.  Now, that’s convenience!

It’s odd to think that my “home” address is a hotel.  Good thing that I have parents who understand that my life is synonymous with a boomerang.  Throw it far into the sky, and eventually at some point, it has to come back.  It just couldn’t stay away forever.

(I’m going to go on a side tangent, because that’s what I do when I write at two-thirty in the morning. But stay with me, I promise that I will bring this all together).

You know in 101 Dalmations, when the dog owners are walking their pets, and each canine looks like the human?  Well, I have a puppy, that stays at my parent’s.  Last year, I was the one that walked outside the front door and discovered little pooch with a broken leg, so I adopted her;  me, Mom, and Dad all knowing who would be responsible for caring for Ella (thanks Mom & Dad).   Ella is all personality, a personality that much resembles mine.  This kiddo disappears for weeks at a time, and who knows where she goes, but she always comes home…eventually.  With just as much spunk and spice, wiggly and never wanting to stay still for a second!  She’s as gypsy as I am!  I think the only difference between her and I, is that she eats chickens, and I don’t.


My Gypsy Ella Bella the day I found her

I mention Ella, because not only is she cute, and she should probably be in my blog, but because she is all boomerang.  Even though I live in hotel right now, and I don’t know what address I’ll be at next month, I boomerang most of my life back to my highschool room, where Mom and Dad put up with the chaos until the next departure.

With so many departures, there is constant upheaval.  I was thinking earlier, while on a flight that I don’t know what it’s like to not be on a flight to somewhere at least once a week.  I’m going so often, that I can’t even picture my life being in a state of stay.

Being in the same place for 29 nights is out of the ordinary for me, but I was looking forward to this month in Florida, because I see it as a step back; time to reflect, to adjust to the next chapter of living in Hawaii, and to take time to do the things that I have been neglecting recently, like my exercise, sleep (I say that as I stay up all night at an airport), Spanish studies, and doing nothing.

But, I never actually end up doing nothing.  I’ve already tried Paddle Boarding through the Ft. Lauderdale Canals, meandered Las Olas and enjoyed food at a popular restaurant.  Found The Banana Car.  Worked.  I’ve had time to work on projects, like an eBook I’m in the process of writing and hiring someone to rebuild my website.  My friends and I have been having fun, going out to The Hard Rock Casino or just walking to one of the restaurants across the street from our hotel to grab dinner and appreciate Florida drivers and the fact that there is “dirt” here (that’s a little bit of an inside joke).  We still have a lot to do and see while in the area.  I don’t know if the 22 days I have left will be enough.  And in a couple of hours, I’ll be on my way to Aruba for five days.

Roccos Tacos Las Olas

Dinner on Las Olas

Sunrise Paddle Boards Ft. Lauderdale

Paddle Boarding & Ft. Lauderdale Beach

The Banana Car Ft Lauderdale

Downtown Hollywood, Florida & Finding The Banana Car

Ft Lauderdale Approach

Office View; another day at work almost done

Flight Attendants Going Out

Going out on a Saturday night; see you in Aruba on Sunday:)

Yeah. I’m keeping myself very entertained.

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