Meet Randy: The Sports Broadcaster/MBA Graduate Who Became A Flight Attendant

Hello Everyone!

My name is Randy and I am the newest member of The Flight Attendant Life. I am excited about joining the site where I will be contributing as a writer and working behind the scenes in order to improve the site for you; our readers. Rather than ramble on about myself, I have always believed the best way to learn about something is to ask questions. So. without further ado, here are some questions from my fellow FA bloggers which will hopefully tell you most of what you might need or want to know about me.

What did you do before becoming a Flight Attendant?

The last few years before coming into this job have been quite an adventure. I finished undergrad, moved across the country briefly, and ultimately went back to school for my Master’s degree. During this time, I worked with collegiate and professional sports organizations, a marketing agency and most recently, at a private college as a professor. After graduating, I was looking for a position where I could begin my career. I applied to countless different jobs, in a wide variety of fields, only to be met with limited success. I expanded my search to the airline industry, and after three months and multiple interviews, I successfully earned a position with my current airline.

Why did you become a Flight Attendant? It all sounds very random (although to some extent it is), there are actual reasons that I was interested in this line of work. I have always been a people oriented person and have found myself working for, or with others in every job I’ve had. I understand the importance of good customer service and how even the tiniest action can completely change a person’s day or more. I also knew that I did not want to have an “Office Space” type job. I am someone who thrives and needs change in order to be successful. There aren’t many jobs which offer that as regularly as this flight attendant one. And of course, I wanted to travel for a bit while I had the chance.

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What is your favorite layover? All flight attendants are incredibly fortunate to be in a position to travel the world as much as we do. Before this job, I always wanted to visit Europe. In my short time in the business, I have gone three times to Paris and can visit with very limited costs at almost any time that I want. Domestically, Seattle is as fun as I always imagined it would be, and places like Billings, MT are hidden gems that I am glad I have had the chance to visit. But despite all of that, my favorite layovers are ones when I get to spend time with friends and family members who are spread across the country.

Personal/ Professional Goals for the Future? For right now, I want to simply continue to adapt to this new job and lifestyle. There are other non-FA items in the works, such as a potential move, but I will see how things unfold. Long term, I aim to become more involved with my airline and the industry as a whole. I would also like to learn a new language, run a marathon, and continue to step outside my comfort zone and see where this new life might take me.

As I said before, I am very thankful to be in the position I am and also very excited to be working with this blog. If you have any questions of your own about me, the job or my experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact me via our facebook page.

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