Make Packing And Organizing Your Flight Attendant Bag Quick And Easy

There are just some things about travel and flight attendant life that I don’t think I will EVER love. Like lavatories. Or jet lag. Or delays. Or creepy pilots. Or…


and unpacking. And packing and repacking.

flight attendant luggage

I feel like, at some point, I would get good at the process, but it always seems that I’m still kneeling on my suitcase just to shut the stupid thing, the finale being that 100 percent of the time there is an “explosion” once I arrive to my hotel room. It’s just a disaster all around.

It’s about time to stop the disaster…

ENTER ‘The Pack.’

The Pack Organize a suitcase

The Pack has already helped me minimize my suitcase’s chaos.

This travel packing essential is designed to minimize the mess that happens when you travel. It cuts down on the time you will spend packing and repacking your bag. The Pack helps organize your suitcase life. It fits easily in a flight attendant carry-on bag, has multiple compartments to help organize items, and hangs nicely in any hotel closet.

The Pack travel flight attendant packing organizer

I tried out The Pack for the first time on my last trip and to say the least, I was and am, incredibly impressed. I’m never leaving home or crashpad without this thing! Watch this video to see my review and what it’s like using The Pack.

For those of you travel techies that want to see more of, “How ‘The Pack’ is made and works,” watch the following:

I definitely recommend getting one for yourself. To order your own, click here and use the discount code: FLIGHTATTENDANT15 for 15% off.

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Jennifer Drogschien says January 27, 2016

Great product! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to show all my travel buddies about this. We travel weekly for business and this would be great for carry-ons.

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