Make Every Day A Dress Up Day…

I Do:)

Dressing up makes everything that much more fun. Trust me.

What if you saw Christmas Presents shopping for Christmas Presents?  You’d laugh, right?  Yeah..that’s just another day in the life of a flight attendant hanging out with her dad.  (My silliness is genetic condition.)

In honor of Halloween, cheers to playing dress up, at any age:)

(If you are surprised your photo has appeared in the blog, yes, it’s true.  It’s most likely a stolen facebook photo.  All’s fair n’ love and facebook…)

Courtney and Samantha and Jeannie (I don’t know Jeannie so sorry for dragging her into this, but definitely awarded best planking photo).

Obama meets Katy Perry

Celeste as Katy Perry

Emily as Dorothy

Shandin as Cat

Maddie “The Red Blood Cell”

I made Ninja Turtle Costumes once

And Tetris Block Costume

and Meet the Flintstones

Dirndl and Lederhosen

Get ready for Burning Man

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