Why Living Out Of A Suitcase Is The Time Of Your Life

I had a comment recently from a blog reader, and newly hired flight attendant, who will start flight attendant training next week.  She responded to the blog about crash pad life, saying that she wishes that she could be based in her home city, and that living out of a suitcase sounds exhausting.  This sparked an idea in my little brain, because, I talk about my life in a bag all of the time, and the annoyances of it, but I haven’t ever shared why living out of a suitcase can be the time of your life.

Because, there are some awesome reasons why it is better to live out of a suitcase, better to be constantly in motion, better to be mobile. So Breezy, and all of you other newly hired flight attendants, gypsy travelers, and seasoned stews, take note.  It’s a good life, and here is why.

Why Living Out Of A Suitcase Is The Time Of Your Life


You won’t waste hours deciding what to wear:  Because that beautiful bag of yours only has so many choices.  Do I want to wear that pair of pants with those shoes? Or do I want to wear…that pair of pants, with those shoes.  Yeah, I am referencing the same pantalones y zaptos.  You have a few outfits, so you may become bored every so often with your style, but you really save oodles of time primping, and prepping, time that is then left to exploring the world:)

How To Pack a Carry-on

You never have to run home to grab something that you forgot:  Because your life in a bag is an extension of your arm, your person, your being.  You really have no concept of where you end, and where your bag begins.  You actually feel anxiety when someone wants to take your crew bag away from you.  To a flight attendant, that is essentially like a stranger walking into a normal person’s home, and clearing out that normal person’s bedroom.  And that is not normal!  That would NEVER be accepted.  Don’t try to check that flight attendant’s carry-on.  It really can cause panic.  Living out of a suitcase is wonderful, because when you have everything with you, you become ready for anything.  The excuse of “I’m not packed for it,” is as foreign as a mortgage to you.  There are no excuses to say no to adventure.

Carrying too much

I know I look sad, but I’m going to Europe, so it’s all ok.

You become a walking departure board:  Because you practically live at an airport, you are walking treasure trove of important information regarding airlines, flight times, flight schedules, and which airports you can sleep inside of security, and which ones you can’t.  You can travel quickly, and make decisions spontaneously, able to adapt original plans, to make space for plans that will actually work, by traveling on planes that actually have space.  You can only do this if you contain the information about what airlines fly where, and times, and connections.  You can only do this if you are mobile, if you are that walking departure board.  Living out of a bag doesn’t hold you back, it actually propels you forward, taking you to places that you never dreamed of going.

Amsterdam Canals

I wasn’t planning on going to Amsterdam, but just got sidetracked by the bicycles

People want to be you:  You can now live up the perceived glamour of your gypsy life.  Oh yes.  Tell them that last week you were in Hawaii, whale watching from a friend’s boat, but tomorrow you’ll be in Vegas.  Tell them that the week before you were riding your bicycle along the beach bike path, with the Southern California sun engulfing your face, but a few days from now you will be stuck in the cold of Upstate New York, with nothing better to do than take a short drive up to Montreal.  Tell them that you were going to go to Costa Rica, but you missed a flight, and went to Guatemala instead.  Trust me, they love that shit.  

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Hooray! I’m in Guatemala.  Lake Atitlan

You increase your self-confidence, and self-reliance:  You begin to realize you need less than you thought, and you can handle more than you imagined.  Your life revolves around traveling from new place, to new place.  Things go wrong, and things go right, and in the end, you did what you set out to do, you lived without a home, and you ultimately come out more than ok, and better than you were.

kara mulder

You just know you’ll be ok.  Catalonia, Spain. 

You’ll meet some of the coolest people all over the world:  Because you are like a turtle, essentially, with your home on your back, and since your home is small, you get out and socialize more than most.  When your life is one of travel, and living out of a suitcase, it’s practically impossible to not meet new people.  I mean, I’ve tried not to talk to people before, with the headphones in my ears trick, and nose in my phone, and that doesn’t even work most of the time.  When you have your life with you, and you are constantly traveling, you are exposed to so many different individuals, personalities, and cultures.  Your life is enriched, and you begin to be one of the cool types that you meet during your travels.

Traveling Flight Attendant

Traveling with friends that I met while traveling that are now my best friends.


You build muscles:  You will heave, and tug, and lug your suitcase life everywhere.  Who needs the gym?

Flight Attendant Packing


You will never be more free, more open, and more able to embrace opportunity:  No address, no lease, no large amounts of things to pack up if you want to make a change.  You live out of a bag.  You can just go, and what a free, and incredible place that can be.  Take the unpredictability in stride.  Take the excitement, and embrace it.  You were born for this.  Good things are happening for you, and your little bag.  So, be happy, be excited, be amazed at where life is taking you!

Travel On!


Go Travel


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