Let The Chaos Begin

Last week, after the disappointment of not getting to live in Hawaii for the month of December, which was to be a paid “holiday” by the airline (that’s the airline that makes The Flight Attendant Life possible.  Hooray for that airline), I quickly rebounded to the next best, thrilled that, with a little schedule manipulation, I could get a bazillion days off, and you know how crazy I’ll go with a bazillion days off.

Your next question is, “Does she EVER work?!?”

I am a piece of work, isn’t that enough for you?

I explained to someone the other day that, and I quote: “I eat the apple core of an apple.”  Apparently, I needed to make it VERY clear of who’s core was being consumed.  I’m not sure what’s more troubling:

a) that I actually am retelling this moment

b) that I made a comment as intelligent as this

c) or that I eat apple cores (it’s a habit that I picked up in Istanbul of all places.  I Leave the hookah smoking there, but my takeaway is apple core munching).


This blog isn’t titled as such because my writing is chaos, even though it is right now.  But this post claims its moniker due to an impending adventure. in T-Minus two days, I am going (and when I say going, I mean hoping) to Vietnam.

And maybe Thailand

And I really want to go here.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Not only am I pee-my-pants-excited about my first trip to Southeast Asia, but I am hit-the-moon-happy due to who has agreed to be my travel buddy:


While sitting on the employee bus, on my way to work less than a week ago, I invited him, via text message, to go to Australia or Vietnam with me.  I expected the response to be a quick no, but what followed wasn’t a rejection, but the question of “When.”


And so begins craziness.



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Julie Terrell says December 4, 2012

Your Blog is awesome and inspiring…you have the perfect customer service/safety attitude for your hard-working position of flight attendant! Keep up the Great Spirit, Energy, Work, Travel, and Blog…

    Sergiu Andreca says December 4, 2012

    Thank you so much and thanks for reading!

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