Lame Pick-Up Lines & A Lamborghini

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Last week, I think I came up with practically the world’s lamest pick-up line.  Get ready for this pot o’ gold…

“Can I write about your car?”

What?! Really?!

I know I have a blog, and I know I like to write, but I don’t think that qualifies me as the expert reporter on vehicles.  And this wasn’t just any car that needed to be reported.

This was “The Lamborghini.”

Hawaii Lamborghini

I wouldn’t have stopped for just any car, and this beautiful specimen didn’t fall into “regular” category.  It’s hot, sleek, and stealth black.  The cut angles cause eyes to wander and make it impossible for flight attendants…me…not stare.  And Lambo, conveniently happens to live at my building.  I didn’t realize The Flight Attendant Life was so high rollin’.  A Lamborghini at my building?!?

Waikiki View

But with this view, maybe I am living the life

My ultra-swave pick-up line begging for Lamborghini storytelling wasn’t said to the owner directly, but instead scribbled, along with my phone number, on the back of one of my blog business cards, and strategically placed on the tinted windshield.

Flight Attendant Blog

Blog Cards are a must.  

I couldn’t help myself.  For one, my flight attendant friends constantly encourage my shenanigans, and for two, my besties and I had just finished discussing creating a spoof of my singledom, and spinning the idea of, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” to “How To Find Kara A Boyfriend In 10 Days.”  This was said as a joke, but once thrown into the universe, apparently all bets were on, and not more than 2o minutes later, my path crossed Lambo’s.  Fate had intervened.  It was only natural that that moment start Day 1 of the “The Dating Project”.

I promptly forgot that any joking and card placement had occurred, until Emily, an hour later, barged through my bathroom door as I was preparing for an evening out of country line dancing with the girls.  With urgency, Em clutched my hot pink iPhone, turning it so I could see the message.

No way.

My jaw dropped a notch.  Or two.  I hadn’t expected this.

Flight Attendant Flirting

Fits of giggles in sued, and for the next 5 hours, Lambo and I conversed via text messages.  Dorie, Emily, and Gladis very vocally encouraged me to invite him to meet us.  I refused.  I also refused to request a photo.  I was very adamant about not wanting a photo, and I’m not exactly sure the reasoning behind wanting the mystery.  Maybe because this still was in “business territory.”  I had asked to write about a car not meet my prince charming, although that was the underlying hope, right?  Let’s just be honest here.

I also had some fear about seeing who he actually was, and scared that if I asked for the face that matched “the body”, I would be deemed as completely shallow.  But wait…hadn’t I just placed my digits on the dash of an expensive sports car? Wasn’t that an act of shallowness already?

He was perfect as the sleek and sexy parking lot version.  At this point, I could still dream up what the owner of the black beauty looked like.  I could imagine who he was, and what he must do to own a Lamborghini.  I knew the reality could be, and probably was, very different from the fantasy that I was creating in my head, but by not having a photo, I could extend the dream just a little bit longer, and keep my nerves at bay.

A few days later, the writing about the car turned into him asking where I would like to eat a meal, and so my first meeting with Lambo was turning into a date.

My thoughts in green.  My bff’s in white. Love my Emmers:)

Text Conversation

This was to be a very blind date for me, but not so much for him.  I knew that he had already referenced my blog.  At this point, I had a first name.  I had an industry in which he worked.  I knew he was young, but that could mean 70, right?  I imagine that some 70 year olds think that they are “young.”  I had no idea what he looked like.  Maybe I am a bit crazy to meet strangers.  I have said in the past that, if I have a daughter, I hope that she is not like me.  But, it will most likely be my curse that she is a duplicate.  She’ll have an even worse case of adventure and curiosity.  I won’t be able to stop her, and I won’t want to.  I’ve learned that through traveling and flying, sometimes, many times, you have one moment of decision that will create a wonderful adventure, and usually that decision requires action.  A step into the unknown, with a big possibility of mistake, or looking a little stupid.  But, in the anxious fear of stepping out of comfort, I always pose this question to myself:

“Will I regret not knowing what could have happened?”

What could happen?

Loving the adventures of life

That question has caused me to do what could be deemed reckless acts, from going to a town in Sweden that I had never heard of before, alone, because I wanted to see “Sweden” again, to holding tightly to the back of a motorcycle in Iceland.  Thankfully, Mommy & Daddy’s prayers must be working cause I seem to have the best of luck and keep myself out of any actual trouble.

With this date with Lambo, I had a consultation team surrounding me, making me laugh, and answering my questions of, “What if he’s crazy?” and “Do I pay, or does he?”  I really wonder how I ever dated before I had such a team of professionals helping me in “Dating 101.”

Flight Attendant Friends

Gladis did my hair. Dorie answered my questions. Michael scoped out the situation.  And Emily told me what shoes to wear.  love them:)

Blind date face

Pre-date faces
Photo 1:  “I got this.”
Photo 2: “Life is good.”
Photo 3:  “This is probably the worst idea yet.” 

Now to paint the date in all of its glory is beyond my scope of writing ability, but I’ll make an attempt.

My friends led the way before me, pretending not to know who I was or who Lambo was.  I read the text messages from the girl’s that were scoping the way, as the elevator escorted me 27 floors to the lobby.  The text messages from my consultation team said things like, “HURRY!”  “OMG!!! He’s CUTE!” “He’s HOT,” and “Don’t make him wait!”

And yes, I was surprised.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, as I was trying not to anticipate, and then have to deal with disappointment.  Lambo is young, and fit, and tall, with fair skin and sandy blonde hair.  And actually, a really nice guy.  There were moments of awkwardness that I filled with talking too much, which I tend to do when nervous, or when not nervous.  I just talk a lot.

I don’t think that he thought I was very funny, but he at least seemed to enjoy the story behind how he and I met.  He chuckled slightly with that.  Success.  Many have asked me how he own’s a Lamborghini, probing at the depth of his pockets.  Well, the same way I afford traveling as much as I do on a flight attendant salary.  You find something you love, and you make it a priority.  I love travel.  I live in homelessness, singleness, and unsettledness for it, and somehow, it just works.  Lambo, not ridiculously rich or fancy like the stereotypical exotic car owner, chooses cars to spend his piggy bank on because that’s what he loves.  Why not?

Do What You Love

Find something you love, and pursue it.

I don’t foresee a second date in the future.  I think I was a little bit over-the-top ridiculous for his even-tempered personality.  For me, he is too dependent on predictability than the random and entertaining surprises that I search out.  I also don’t foretell a ride in the sexy car, but that’s ok.  I’m still going to stare every time I see the beauty.  And probably drool.  Oh and smile, too.  Of course I will smile:)

I wanted an interesting story, right?  I think I got one.  Thanks Lambo.  Hope you don’t hate that you were written about.


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Judith says April 7, 2013

Interesting story, indeed!

Whitney says April 25, 2015

If you don’t mind me asking, how were you able to afford living in Hawaii on a flight attendant budget? Was housing paid for by your airline?

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