It’s Gonna Be Ok

The cursor hovered over the send button, as if it was cursing me; daring me to ‘just do it.’ Pressing send— it seemed impulsive, especially since yesterday I said I would stay through November. But, I was dragging out the inevitable wasn’t I? Playing, toying, dreaming, crying over the idea of leaving for months now. At some point, I needed to grow some you know what and resign.

“You think too much,” he told me. “Just let everything unfold. Let it be. Go for it.”

And so, I woke up this morning, deciding to give myself no option but forward. I’m saying yes to the things that have showed up in my life that I can’t pass up. And by saying yes, that means I have no choice but to let go of who has been my home for two-and-a-half years. The European airline with the superhero cape and salad bowl hat.

Kara Mulder Norwegian Cabin Crew Flight Attendant Blogger

Holy shit. I’m scared as…

This is going to be fun, though. I’m going to be ok.

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Miriam says October 20, 2016

Wooooow! Forward is the only way out! Go girl 🙂 What are your plans for the next months?

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