Istanbul Bazaar Bargains

Emily and I only like to travel with a carry-on size bags because we don’t always know what flight we will be taking or where we will be going.  But, after Istanbul, our carry-ons have grown and have passed the dimensions for allowed cabin baggage.  We went shopping.  What can I say?

The bazaars in Istanbul are mostly to blame.  These markets are not really where the locals go, as tourists mostly frequent places like the largest, Grand Bazaar, or Spice Market.  If you accept bazaar shopping for what it is; mild harassment by salesmen, that you probably aren’t really scoring a bargain,  and the overwhelming amount of shops that sell the exact same items (but claim to be different), than it’s a paradise.

Emily and I had the best bazaar experience, when in a quest for a silver bracelet, we stumbled upon a certain jewelry shop.  The shop isn’t anything spectacular, but the man working there is absolutely fantastic.  Mellow and slightly shy, with a wonderful sense of humor, our shopping trip turned into Mustafa teaching us to make jewelry.  (Well Emily actually paid attention while I just entertained myself by spinning on a chair).

Just watch the video:

I’ll write more soon, but Emily and I are in Munich right now:) Prost!

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