Is There A ‘Detox Button’ Somewhere???

Does anyone else think that 2016 is on crack? 

Brexit, Trump, Prince, David Bowie, Divorces, Car accidents, Deaths in the family, Heartbreak, job switches, and what the hell is going on with the avocados in California!?!?! That’s pretty much the last straw. I can’t even.

Is there a ‘detox button’ somewhere, because I just…

When I say that, I’m actually being a little bit serious; more so in relation to one-week post quitting the airline. I feel like a bit of a dazed and confused wreck; like my body is detoxing from every event that has happened to me and around me the past year. I keep asking myself, “Why am I so tired?” “Why do I feel like shit?” “What’s wrong with me?” Emotionally, I feel more at peace, but then again, I feel drained. I am drained. In relation to what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks alone, it’s actually quite expected. I quit my job, left Florida, my dear sweet grandpa passed away, and I had a bunch of interviews that took me different places and required that I put everything of my best up-front-and-center.

I just need to take a breath. Woah, I think. That’s a lot to comprehend. Somehow, I do this compartmentalization thing— where this thing goes here and that things goes there and I’ll deal with that tomorrow, because I’m doing this right now. Compartmentalizing is the way I’ve been able to cope. That and prayers to God to, “Hey, would you please get me through this cause, I’m kinda not sure I have the energy today.”

And so, I get through. Somehow, we always get through.

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I can’t press detox and retreat right now, because I’m on adventure central. It’s really amazing actually. In a few hours, I leave for the airport. I’m going to Israel by way of Paris. There’s someone I want to see. And then a week in Israel.

And then…

less than 18hrs after I return stateside, I begin a new job. Yeah— I’m up to something. I won’t tell you what it is now, but what I will tell you is this:

When you step out in FAITH— faith in you, your destiny, your ability, and your God— The Universe (or what I believe to be God) steps up.

I have witnessed this firsthand in the past week and am blown away. My world right now feels a little unreal. It’s unreal that I’m going to Paris, Israel, quit my job, and have a new one already lined up. I was hoping for best case scenario this past week and in some ways, I got more than I ever hope for or could have imagined.

Isn’t that what has always been promised. “I will give you your wildest dreams— better than you have hoped for or ever could have imagined.” (Ephesians 3:20)


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Emmie Brooks says November 14, 2016

Thank you for your poetry on life and flight attending. I take your advice very seriously because im about to apply to be a flight attendant as my new dream in life. Ill try for a regional airline with 1-3 day trips to start off with. Somehow that bible verse is misinterpreted. God, my God, who is able to do more than all we could ever ask or imagine will provide all your needs. Is the real verse. Strong’s concordances can help. In this World, there will be troubles but jesus has overcome the world and he is always with us who believe that. So we are overcomers as well. This is the true hope of god, not that we accomplish our impossible dreams but that we always have what we need(holy spirit, who is in us , who is from god) to love God (by obeying what he’s taught us) and love others as much as we love ourselves and keep our hope for eternal lifeel in a new pain free body in heaven like jesus with God the father.

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