The Flight Attendant Life Meets ‘The Bachelor’ (Almost)

I applied for The Bachelor. Crazy.

Someone important called me.  Really crazy.

I had an interview scheduled.  Isn’t that fun?

Then I got sick. A sniffly, snotty, unattractive cold.  Good timing, I know.

I called, saying I couldn’t make it.  Equals application in the trash can.

Watch my video.

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Shannon Trojan says July 24, 2012

I have a confession…I love that show! The romance…the TRAVEL <3 You are my hero! That's awesome that you even got an interview! Would've loved to cheer you on lol. It's the shows loss. You're a sweet girl with a far from boring life. God has closed this door for you, but no worries he's got the PERFECT guy out there created with you in mind. Just keep trekking along TOMS, fabulous heels and all! xx

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