“I Do This Because…” 9 Reasons Why Flight Attendants Must Fly

Ask a flight attendant why she flys…

Ask a cabin crew why he packs his suitcase for the millionth time…

Ask a recovering FA why she wants to return to the job she left ten years before…

Ask, and you will find out so much.

 Why would any sane person put up with airports, aircraft delays, baggage, and the hassle? For stews, it’s worth it. We don’t do it for the pay (at least in the beginning), or the glamour (because it’s not so much of that at all), or even the pilots (not even for the foreign flames), but Flight Attendants fly because we have discovered through experience that it’s one of the best places to be even when it doesn’t feel like the best. If you cannot understand how all of the hotels, dating drama, jet lag, and various annoyances seem negligible, here are nine reasons why flight attendants must fly. And next time you meet a flight attendant ask him or inquiry of her, why she chooses this flight attendant life.

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9 Reasons to be a flight attendant

I fly because…I never know who I will meet.

That unknown is captivating, and not knowing who will step on the next aircraft as passenger or crew is exciting. It’s a job and an existence where meeting new people all of the time happens easily. These people that a flight attendant happens to meet are often interesting, educated, well-traveled, and cultured. They have a story and bring so much life to what could be, “just a job.”

I fly because…I want my version of a ‘weekend.‘ 

With airline crew, Tuesdays turn into TGIF.  Battling Saturday crowds is not a fight we care to win. It’s simple errands and anything on a real weekend isn’t exactly simple. We have enough crowds during airplane week. When the dry cleaner is closed because it’s Sunday, this just does not make sense. Who knows the day of the week anyway?

I fly because…nothing about a desk looks hot.

Office spaces with the best views. If any coworkers are annoying, they only share the cubicle for 2h-10hrs at a time. That’s not bad. I may never have to see them again after this flight. Talking, moving, and interacting are encouraged. Everything always changes. I mean, I could change the color of the paper clips I buy. Do people actually buy paper clips these days?

I fly because…I love to gaze longingly into the eyes of departure boards.

Take me somewhere. Anywhere. What flight has first class seats? I want to see the world, and with this job, the opportunity to do that is about as close as saying to a gate agent, “Can I go to [INSERT AIRPORT CODE HERE] today?”

I fly because…any other alternative just isn’t quite good enough.

I’m sure there is more that I could do with my life. Like, maybe use my degree to a greater degree, but why? I’m happy enough and this job is easy. 15 to 17 days off a month with a livable wage. I won’t be a millionaire, or high powered business professional, but I’m ok with that for now. What I need is freedom and with flight attendant life, there can be so much freedom.

I fly because…once is never enough. 

I could travel here once, but that doesn’t seem ok now. Now that I know coming back over and over again is so much better. If I only stopped by once, I would never notice cultural nuances, find favorite cafes, and become a familiar face within this setting. Going once is never enough when cities you don’t belong become exactly where you must belong.

I fly because…I have time for the more important stuff.

It’s not about the flying, so much as flying gives time to pursue other interests. Actors, real estate agents, professional athletes, filmmakers, photographers, and writers find support, financial means, and community within the airline industry. Staying in a life that is constantly on the go can allow for the flexibility to be that person you have always wanted to become.

I fly because…it’s familiar.

There’s a comfort in the predictable unpredictability. Flight attendants fall into a routine of packing and unpacking, hotels and airports. When that is interrupted, it’s strange. It’s not strange for cabin crew to be in more than four countries in a week. It’s not strange to forget where we just landed or what day of the week it is. We laugh at how our lives are sometimes weird and yet wonderful. We hate it at times, but love it equally as much. We see uniformed crew passing by in the terminal and we just know— know what they go through, too. We check out crews and nit pick at work rules. We appreciate and despair over all that the lifestyle includes. We stay; we stay in flight attendant life because we have fallen for the familiar unfamiliarity that is our existence.

I fly because…I have to. It’s simply in my soul. 

You will discover stories of once physcians assistantants, architects, and real estate agents who wanted something more—something that was new and fun and freeing. So they fell the moment they flew, and when their feet left the ground, they were changed. Living grounded never seemed an appealing way to live any longer. Flying becomes just part of who you are. If you leave, eventually you dream of coming back. You need to be in the sky like you need to breathe. It’s a must.

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