I Almost Peed My Pants

Doubled over, tears forming in my eyes, I had lost all control.  It was seconds until I knew I would pee my pants…well, skirt to be exact.  I don’t know what going to work is like for you, but this wasn’t the first time that I found myself, utilizing lightening quick reflexes, jumping into the lav.  There were only seconds to spare before an accident was inevitable.  These are the dangers I face on a daily basis when I go to work- laughing so hard that I pee myself.  It hasn’t happened yet, but yesterday, ohhhhhh, I was so close.

Before you judge my lack of bladder control, you try working with the characters that I do.  They are ridiculously funny, and I really do think SNL would find a gold mine with all the personality of my work collegues.  We all have our quirks; idiosyncrasies.  The things that define our work characters.  The three plus years of working together, for months at a time, has created a bond where we love each other, even adore each other, and then also, drive each other nuts to the point of crazy.  (I think you do need to be a bit of crazy to want The Flight Attendant’s Life though).

And, I have to get ready for work right now actually.  Jet lagged and all.  I think my body still believes it’s in Thailand.

But, I want to keep writing this post, because oh there’s so much to tell of funny! But instead, I’ll wrap it up by saying, in less than two weeks, my beloved base, with my best friends will be breaking-up.  And that’s hard to take.  I’ll miss what has been, and I’ll miss what LAX was.

And, after being away in Southeast Asia for 20 days, it was good to hear, “Kara we missed you!”  And as much as I love my around the world adventures, I LOVE being home with my friends.  I MISSED YOU TOO!

Thanks for making me laugh till it hurts:)

Funny Flight Attendant


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