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How-To Break Into Private Aviation And Become A Private Flight Attendant: Advice From Industry Experts

Editor’s Note: Nicole and I have been friends for over six-years now. I actually remember the process she went through when deciding to become a flight attendant. We were out on a bike ride together (this girl has biked across the United States btw) and she was asking me what I knew about private aviation. I said that I didn’t know much, although my dad flew in the corporate world for years as a pilot. She decided to try the adventure. Fast forward to today: This woman is a successful, hard-working, private flight attendant; working both flights and also on the operations side at times as a dispatcher to other private flight attendants. I am so proud of my friend and so thankful that she took the time to write this post and make the videos to help YOU out. (In reality, I’ve been asking her a lot of private aviation questions recently, so she really wrote this to help me out I think). Can’t thank you enough Nicole!! —xoxo, Kara

How To Become A Private Flight Attendant
How-To Break Into Private Aviation And Become A Private Flight Attendant: Advice From Industry Experts

Before I start I just want to say KUDOS to dear Kara!!! When I agreed to help post blogs on this site, I thought, “How hard can it be? Sounds fun!” Well it is—and I am happy to share—but I had no idea how much time it takes and she does it ALL THE TIME! Why?!? I think because she loves you all. <3

Ok back to me… The top two questions I’ve had since my previous post was; 
How did you become a private flight attendant?” and, “How can I become a private flight attendant?” 
Watch these videos with answers and advice on how to break into the private aviation industry.
I reached out to my favorite private flight attendants and the gist of what they said is this (incase you don’t like watching videos):
  • ~ most of us didn’t have ANY experience in flying before we started
  • ~ get your credentials & certifications FIRST (Steffany Kisling was interviewed in one of the videos and operates a training facility called SkyAcademy that is affiliated with SkyAngels
  • ~ there is no one-way to become a private flight attendant
  • ~ the ones that make it are some tough cookies
  • ~ it’s all about who you know; Network! Network! Network!
In life, whether it’s on a jet or land,  I choose to believe that the best me will always be good enough.
Wish you all the same 🙂

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Kathleen says December 15, 2016

Hello Nicole
How can I find who is boring for private Flight Attendants please . I have been a 10 year commercial F/A and Excel in customer service and held jobs in customer service, Guest services, hotel, restaurant industries, entertainment etc.
Is there flexibility?

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