How-To Be Productive On A Layover

How To Be Productive On A Layover…

Answer:  Be my mom

Mom and Daughter Flight Attendant

This is mom

My mother is a little bit of crazy.  I think you have to be a little crazy to decide to become a flight attendant as a second career, in your 50s, in addition to your another job.  She’s doesn’t sit still well, has a great sense of humor, and is one of the sweetest, most genuine people that I know, and I’m not just saying that because she is my Mom.  Her personality and spirit really make her the ideal flight attendant.

When she’s home, that woman never stops.  She says she likes her flight attendant layovers because she can sleep in, go exercise, and be lazy, which is very hard for her to do.  This past week, I guess she was attempting a new level of efficiency, because she scheduled herself to teach a cooking/nutrition class at the local Veteran’s hall, WHILE on her 17h layover.

Inflight Dietitian

The Inflight Dietitian has landed

Seventeen hours is more than enough time to explore all of the tourist spots of Bakersfield, California, but with layovers, by the time you leave the airport, take the hotel shuttle to the hotel, check-in, change, exercise, shower, eat, you have significantly decreased your allowance of rest time.  When in Hawaii, my layovers were built at minimum rest, 10 hours, with the max hours on an overnight being 14 hours, which when in Maui, is basically just a tease.  “Hey! Look at this beautiful place you landed?!  AWESOME! Isn’t the hotel beautiful, and the fire pit nice?  Shuttle is here to take you back to the airport.”  I almost would rather be in El Paso, Texas with minimum rest, not even caring to leave the hotel.  Either way, what I’m saying is that those hours of rest?  They are sacred.  Normal people don’t try, or don’t want to work another job while on flight attendant rest.

Crew Layover

Slam Clicker Crew

Mom likes to overextend herself, and think that she can do it all, and for the most part she is SuperMom, but she does need to learn to take care of herself, before taking care of everyone else.  I love her heart for helping people.  She has always had an interest in health, and her favorite part of being a Registered Dietitian is community education.   I remember being five years old, and her throwing cooking classes, and me, with my white blonde hair, being so excited to help (but probably not really helping).  I think that there is a huge need for health change in our country, and teaching populations that preventive medicine, like proper nutrition, will go a lot farther that hospital maintenance, and be a lot less costly in the long run.  I have been blessed to be taught throughout my life how to live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s ingrained in me, even in the times that I get sidetracked.

Vegan Flight Attendant Food

Healthy Vegan Lunch

I’m really excited because, together, Mom and I have started a project, Inflight Dietitian, a website/blog that will be a platform for healthy recipes, healthy travel tips, and eventually, nutritional consulting services, as well as other great features.  It’s geared toward frequent travelers, and flight crews, focusing on the challenges of being healthy when in a state of constant ‘take-offs and landings’.

Her cooking class this past week, walked through the acronym NEWSTART, along with demonstrations, and samplings of healthy holiday recipes.  I would say, overall, it was a success, well at least for me.  I love going back to Mom & Dad’s, because the house is always full of obscure vegan food, and fresh squeezed juices, concoctions of kale, carrots, apples, ginger, and lemon.  Someday, Mom & Dad are going to have a Bed & Breakfast, that operates somewhat like a health retreat, and I’m fairly certain, mom will still be a flight attendant.  For one, the little jet setter won’t want to give up free flights, and for two, she’s already figured out how to be productive on a layover, so why stop now?


Juice! Juice! Juice!

For a PDF copy of Brenda’s Healthy Holiday Recipes, please click here.

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