Highlights of The Flight Attendant Life

There are great reasons, wonderful reasons to be a flight attendant.  Hell, there are just simply fantastic reasons to live the life you love.  This month marks, two years since I adventured to Copenhagen, Estonia, and Sweden, alone.  That trip was a highlight in my flight attendant life, and today, I am finally going back- for work this time.  I’m excited, and nervous, and smile as to how life surprises. As I have a bazillion things to do, and am not feeling inspired to write, but also didn’t want to leave without a goodbye, I wanted to share some highlights over the last few years of adventuring. Top 5 + 2 of The Past Five

  1. The Trip To Egypt (Don’t think I ever wrote about it)
  2. My First Airline
  3. My Second Airline
  4. Baby Blog
  5. TV Show (haven’t written about this yet, but I worked on a TV show recently,and it was fun:)
  7. Living in Hawaii

Batman and Robin Halloween My Personal Top 5 + 1 Favorite Blog Posts

  1. Confessions of A Flight Attendant
  2. Dear Daughter
  3. The Americano Life
  4. Taxi Cab Confessions
  5. God & Strip Clubs
  6. Lame Pickup Lines & A Lamborghini 

Lamborghini Top 5 Favorite Destinations/Trips

  1. Europe with Emily, Jimmy, & David
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Barcelona with Elijah
  4. Maui for Kiteboarding
  5. Visiting Hilary (The UK & Edinburgh)

Flight Attendant in England

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