“You deserve to eat” | The healthy vs. unhealthy ways we lose weight in a travel lifestyle

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that there is a pressure to be a young, pretty, and THIN flight attendant. The $445 billion dollar beauty business capitalizes on our wrinkles, stretches, blemishes, and weight. Then there is simply the expectations, demands, and perceived glamour of ‘Flight Attendant Life.’ I already said it: Young. Pretty. Thin. We all have pain points that we wish we could change, but did you know that there is a healthy vs. an unhealthy approach to losing weight, having more energy, and achieving your best self amidst your jet-set life? 

My personal narrative stems from a place in my 20’s when weight was always a worry, exercise was the strategy to force my size into an unhealthy zone, and “eating perfectly” (or never enough for my activity level) was always the objective. I always had to “do more,” but what I didn’t realize is that sometimes it’s not more that changes us but less. What if the truth was that the answers to the most perplexing and intimidating questions in our lives are actually quite simple? What if the answer was to do less and not more?

I learned a lot through the experience of driving myself too hard in my 20’s. I also learned a lot from breaking my ankle. After the injury— unable to walk or exercise like normal for over five months— I lost weight and a SIGNIFICANT amount of it. How is that even possible? And the weird thing was, it was almost like I didn’t even try. I just ACCEPTED where I was in my life, RESTED like I needed, ATE like I felt like eating, and APPRECIATED ‘the little things’ more than ever before. Losing weight wasn’t a fight or a goal. It wasn’t hard. It just was. Simply ‘being’ was more important than ‘achieving.

During that time of the broken ankle, I also stopped drinking alcohol for quite awhile and consistently added nutritional supplements to my diet. Although I didn’t take CortiZen during my broken ankle, I have recently found this nutritional supplement to be the best support to my lifestyle. CortiZen helps me sleep better, have more energy, and balance my moods. I struggle with stress a lot in my career as a corporate flight attendant, and CortiZen touts the benefits of reducing the negative aspects of increased cortisol levels— a huge influence as to why many flight attendants struggle to lose weight or maintain their best weight. Although I am thin and it doesn’t seem like I need to “worry” about my size, I’ll be honest with you— I do worry at times. I worry more when I’m stressed and feeling out of control. There are days when I don’t like my body and wish to be thinner, more muscular, or don’t eat well to nourish myself. I think with health, just like our careers or romantic relationships, we need to learn to be intentional. If you want to lose weight, be intentional. If you want to gain muscle, be intentional. If you want to stress less, be intentional. Discover the ways and strategies that help you reach whatever specific goal you are reaching towards— AND TAKE ACTION! Beyond the standard flight attendant weight loss tips offered like workout, meal prep for trips, minimize drinking and TRY (cause I know it’s hard) to get an adequate amount of sleep, I have two more to suggest: 

  1. Surrender and accept yourself today
  2. Try CortiZen and make it a daily habit.

Your life changes when you create consistent habits. I know, as flight attendants, that we can get from here to Europe overnight, but really, little else happens in life overnight. Sometimes you need a reset and restart. Dave Catudal, founder of CortiZen, wrote a short guide on reducing toxic body fat, resetting and restarting your system. You can recieve your FREE copy of the eBook by clicking here or clicking on the image below.

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