Secrets to Sleeping Better, Losing Weight, & Being Happy as a Flight Attendant

I know many flight attendant’s who suffer from anxiety or a sense of malaise in ‘flight attendant life.’ One begins to question, “But, this was my dream job? It’s NOT that hard to be a flight attendant, so why am I so anxious? Why do I constantly feel stress? Why do the destinations no longer appeal to me?” I think most flight attendants, pilots, or frequent travelers have had thoughts like this at different points in their career.

Stress is part of being human. Our bodies and minds were designed to be able to process and effectively deal with a certain level of stress— both emotional and physical— but that doesn’t mean that we can effectively process feeling stressed constantly. Life shouldn’t be this way! Sadly for many people, unhealthy levels of stress accumulate and negatively affect the health of both body and mind. Our quality of life begins to suffer. I’ve seen this happen in my own life.

From the outside, I look at my existence and it appears as a dream world. I earn a good income as a contract corporate flight attendant, live by the beach, have a circle of amazing friends and a wonderful family. I achieved what I was working towards…So then, why do I feel incredibly burnt out? Even the best things in life can become overwhelming when there is just too much. 

When you fly a busy schedule, have home demands vying for your attention, and are not intentional about ‘taking care of you,’ life can become difficult to manage. Feeling stressed, gaining weight, or not feeling like yourself? Maybe you need to add and subtract a few things in your ‘Flight Attendant Life.’

Did you know that stress and lack of sleep are some of the leading causes of health issues— including a compromised immune system, low energy levels, and hormonal weight gain? Let’s take a look at one hormone that your flight attendant schedule can make a little whacky, how too much of the hormone affects your body, and a natural solution to help you rebalance yourself and your soul.

That hormone called ‘Cortisol’

As living beings, we have an intricate hormonal system that essentially controls and regulates all of our functions. From thinking to moving, hormones are involved in every action of the human body. One of the most misunderstood hormones in our body— interestingly known as our “stress hormone”— is cortisol.

Cortisol’s role in natural production is helping to regulate a variety of hormonal functions. The hormone cortisol is directly responsible for our natural anti-stress and anti-inflammatory defense; meaning that it causes the body to respond positively to stress by becoming a soothing mechanism. This helps to alleviate both physical and emotional pain. Different forms of stress— including stress induced by circadian rhythm interruptions that happen frequently with a flight attendant schedule— can trigger the adrenal glands to release cortisol in large quantities. Cortisol in appropriate amounts, and at appropriate times, is a good thing. On Flight Attendant Life overdrive? Not so much.

While cortisol has many good properties and is a necessary element to living, our concern is with chronically elevated cortisol levels. Remember: Cortisol responds to stress and in this modern day, most people are exposed to such high levels of stress that their cortisol production is stuck in ‘panic’ mode. As a flight attendant, do you feel like you are in panic mode? This is when health problems begin to develop.

Thankfully, nature was designed to lend a helping hand to support you and your (at times) crazy lifestyle. The plant world generously offers us a variety of remedies to help eliminate stress— and they do this mostly by helping to regulate and optimize cortisol levels in our body. One of the most powerful things that we can do to control cortisol is taking nature’s medicine: adaptogens.

Meet Adaptogens

Adaptogens are a unique type of healing plant that helps to balance, rejuvenate, and protect the body from a variety of environmental stresses. Simply put, adaptogenic plants are “intelligent” natural remedies, as they communicate with your body and work in harmony to create an optimal balance.

While there are over fifteen different known adaptogen plants that are used today for natural healing and medicinal uses, there are three of particular interest when it comes to cortisol. These three are the main ingredients in Tranzend’s CortiZen. In case this is the first time you have heard of CortiZen, Flight Attendant Life recently partnered with CortiZen to offer solutions and strategies to help frequent travelers, cabin crew, and pilots live more healthy within their up-in-the-air lifestyles. (You can read the first blog about CortiZen here.)

If you have trouble sleeping or feel tired often during the day, these are direct signs that you have an issue with cortisol levels. It can literally be life-changing to get your hormones in balance. Adding adaptogens and CortiZEN into your lifestyle might just be that missing link to looking and feeling your very best.

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For stressed individuals, or those suffering from poor sleep. CortiZen offers the most powerful cortisol optimizing health supplement in the industry. If you struggle with jet-lag, weight gain, sleeping through the night and feel tired during the day, start healing your body today with CortiZen!



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