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My blog is a year old this month.  That makes me smile.   My baby isn’t the most popular toddler on the block, but it certainly is personality.  The site has surprised me with the attention that it has and does garner.  Since February, the increasing numbers of visitors have encouraged me to continue as my counter reaches past 23,000, a small number by World Wide Web Standards, but to me, I feel a little bit of celebrity.  My friends commenting that they love my blog and thanking me for writing has, at certain moments, been the one thing that has made me continue when I had been thinking, “This is stupid. Why am I doing this?”

I think that my life is nuts because I never thought that I would like to be a flight attendant, and I never knew that I loved to write.  The Flight Attendant Life, only started with the intention to build my resume so as to appeal to marketing and advertising firms, found in me a love of writing and telling stories.  Now, I have dreams for it and for me, dreams that often scare me and make me wonder if I’m living in Fairytale Land.

If you told me that in the span of three years I would visit cities like Florence, Krakow, Prague, Vancouver, Stockholm, Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul, and countries like Haiti, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Portugal, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, some places multiple times, I would have told you to shut your mouth.  I used to dream of working in an office, and now, my dreams are filled with the unconventional and unimaginable.  But I’ve met people that do the unimaginable, so why do I tell myself that I can’t?

That’s not fair.

Who knows where I will end up next, but I hope that whatever it is, I keep sight of my dreams and not spend my entire life building someone else’s fairyland.

Raising Baby Blog has not been without tantrums or tears.  Right now, I’m in a season of frustration, trying to fall into a rhythm again after the weeks of travel.  I’m in a stage of not wanting to write, not because I don’t have stories or something to say, but because I don’t even know where to begin again.  I have to grow the site, figure revenue sources, change the site look with CSS/HTML, things that I don’t know how to do, and I feel stuck, overwhelmed,  uninspired.  I wish I was back traveling.

I’m thankful for an outlet to my creativity.  The Flight Attendant Life has given more purpose in my travels.  I’m more aware of stories as they happen, more interested in hearing from others that I meet, less shy, and a better eye for photos.  The year has been so crammed full of experiences, and reflecting on the websites first year, I don’t know if I can pick favorites, but here are some stories you may have missed:)

Munich, Germany:  Sleeping in Lockers at HBF Train Station

Barcelona, Spain:  Love this place

Budapest, Hungary:  Steve & The Room of the Upside-down

Haiti:  treasured experience

A bit of honesty:  If You Really Knew Me 

One of my favorite funny moments:

And then there are the stories I have yet to tell, stories that happened months ago,  stories that happened last week.  Stories that I’m scared to tell.  From Sweden to Istanbul, and then the un-mundane of home life, there’s not much that I find boring.  I like it that way, and at least, whatever happens this next year with my website, I know that I won’t be hurting for material.

So, Happy Birthday my Baby Blog.  Thank you for being with me on the adventures.  You’re a special one.  Here’s to year two!

Lots of love,


South Dakota

Beverly Hills with my best friend




Stockholm, Sweden

Emily & I in Istanbul

Tallinn, Estonia

Lisbon, Portugal


Seward, Alaska

Munich, Germany Oktoberfest

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I like your blog, keep at it.

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