Gladiators & Kimonos: Cultural Fashion Inspiration For Summer

Gladiators & Kimonos:  Cultural Fashion Inspiration for Summer

Hey guys! So this is my first official blog post!  How exciting?!  I want to start out by saying I am in no way a fashion expert, but instead like to think of myself as more of a fashion enthusiast.  I am just an everyday girl voicing my current fashion obsessions.  Through the ‘Flight Attendant Life’ fashion blog, I will highlight my favorite fashion trends, share my favorite online boutiques and shops, as well as other travel related fashion advice.

This week, it’s Gladiators & Kimonos; what they are, and why you should care about these items as summer fashion musts.

First, for those that don’t know what gladiators and kimonos are, prepare to be enlightened.

So when I say Gladiators, I am obviously not talking fighting warriors from Roman times, but the cute little sandals that add to a summer look.  The sandals’ ancestry can be traced back to Greco-Roman times as the style is similar in look to what Gladiators wore when Rome was the authoritative ruler.

History Gladiator Sandals

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2008 was the year that gladiator sandals were declared as ‘must-haves’ for summer fashion.  Still, they hold their ground in the fight of being a fashion staple for any summer look.

Hot Pink Gladiator Sandals

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Blending cultures and style history, let me introduce you to Kimonos, the Japanese inspired dress that was a main piece to Japanese culture years and years ago.  ‘Kimono’ was the word for clothing, but subsequently became the term to describe the flowy piece of fabric that was worn over other items.  This traditional ‘Kimono; is the older sibling to the styles of Kimonos that swirl through the fashion culture of now.  I love Kimonos because you can throw them over a simple pair of shorts, and a tank for a sophisticated look, or be fancy by wearing the Kimono with a dress.  It is an easy way to maximize space in your wardrobe and for your carry-on.  Kimonos can be short or long.  They add interest, and I love how these two elements- Gladiators, and Kimonos, can change an outfit, adding a little something extra.

Pink Fringe Kimono Pinterest

Pinterest Kimono Style

I will show you some of my favorite looks that range from soft and feminine, to edgy and fierce.

Gladiators & Kimonos Fashion Blog


Please refer back to the photo above for the respective look.

Photo A-  

Floral Kimono:  Found at

This is so girly and floral! I would wear this to lunch with girlfriends, or as a cover up for a swimsuit.

Photo B-

The Rainbow Kimono:  Found at

Here is a Kimono that I love.  It is feminine, and delicate.  In this photo, it is paired with a simple gray tee, and white jean shorts (can I just have the entire outfit? Thanks).  Wear it with a white sundress, and some neutral sandals for a summery day look.

Photo C-

Black Gladiators with Gold Accent:  Found at 


I have been obsessing over these so much lately that I just had to order them!  They are edgy yet sophisticated.  I would wear these with a gauzy black dress for a casual look.  I see these with black shorts, a blazer, bright tee and a statement necklace to tie the gold accents together.  Maybe something like this Polyvore look that I put together.

What to wear with gladiator's


Style Inspire

Gold Gladiators and outfit

Gold Gladiators on Pinterest

I would refer to these gladiators as subtle, and summary.  The sandals don’t reach all the way to the knee, but they are edgy in a subtle, delicate way.  I am obsessed with gold shoes, because I feel that they can be worn with almost anything.

These are just a few of my favorite items I have come across from obsessively searching online, which is my version of ‘window shopping.’

There goes hours of my life…

Let me know your favorite summer looks by commenting on this blog post.

Look forward to future fashion posts where I take you on adventures to NYC, and fashion from around the world.

Stay Stylish:)


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