Funny Christmas Gift Wrapping

If you skip through everything in this post, just do yourself a favor…don’t skip the video.  WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Funny Christmas Present Costume

Ever get tired of wrapping Christmas presents? Well, have you ever wrapped an entire apartment, and all contents inside of an apartment? My friend Mitch, who I have known since age 10, is probably one of my favorite people. In the world.

Multnomah Falls

At Multnomah Falls, Oregon




Mitch is just cool.
Just plain cool. And crazy.



Two of my favorites: Becca & Mitch

Just a little crazy. I tell him all of the time that he needs to be a flight attendant. After you watch the video, answer this question: Could you imagine the shenanigans that would happen if Mitch and I were co-workers? Ohhhhh man!! That’s my Christmas wish…Mitch [last name withheld to protect privacy], The Flight Attendant! That would make my year:)

So Merry Christmas:)

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