From Cabin To Cockpit

I’ve started another project, because of course, I need one more thing to do (sarcasm).  I’m beginning the process of becoming a pilot, which seems partly strange, as one of the statements you hear many flight attendants say is, “Stay away from pilots.”  Obviously, we (flight attendants) aren’t referring to actually being pilots.

There is more to the story as to why I would want to, in a way change careers, investing time, energy, and a significant amount of dollars to make the goal of pilot happen.  Part of it is that I really never thought that almost five years later, I would still be in the airline industry.  I never knew that writing about my career would garner so much interest and build such a connection with people I haven’t even met.  As an individual, I am most happy when I am working towards a definable goal.  Not that I don’t like my job as a flight attendant, I still love it, but I have been feeling antsy, like a five year itch of wanting a challenge.

I’ve been challenged in other areas; in relationships, with business pursuits, with being ok relocating so frequently, but I’m beginning to feel stagnancy, a predictable mundane-ness to serving cokes, and picking up trash.  I can’t predict if, five years from now, I’ll be donning a white shirt, sitting in the “front office” of an airplane, and loving it.  Because, although I understand airline schedules, I like flying, and it’s simply part of my entire life, I really have no idea if I will enjoy what ‘A Pilot Life’ entails.

But sometimes, in life you go for things.  You may see only part of the picture, but you see enough to know that it’s beautiful, and worth your time, and in some way, you will be rewarded.  You may not be exactly sure what the end will look like, but moving forward is better than remaining stuck.

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Photo taken in Porto, Portugal

I’ve been thinking about something.  I don’t consider myself a writer, but maybe I am.  Maybe, before I am a flight attendant, or pilot, or bubbly blonde haired California girl, I am the creative soul that needs to share the adventure, the joy, and the frustrations of life, and that also includes story of moving from cabin to cockpit.  So, I’ve started A Pilot Life, a website that shares, from essentially, day one, what’s to happen with the pilot process.  

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Fly with A Pilot Life:  Check out the new website!!!

Setting the goal to become a pilot does not mean that I will forget, or neglect The Flight Attendant Life.   (I’ll still use this as an outlet for pilot bashing every once in awhile.  Just kidding).  My life for awhile will still be flight attendant-ing, and this is my baby blog, the part of my life that made me aware that I had so much underutilized creativity.  I hope that you will enjoy reading another aspect of aviation industry by following along with the experiences that I share via A Pilot Life.  

I’m sure it will include sagas of flight delays similar to the one I am experiencing now.  Funny thing is, it’s because my airplane, and cabin crew is missing its Captain.  

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Greg says November 30, 2013

I can see the progression here: next up will be “The Astronaut Life”! Go for it and best of luck to you. Flight training is so much more expensive than when my friends and I became private pilots at SNA, and general aviation has gone into a bit of a slump yet it’s great to know some people are still willing to beat the odds and pursue the dream.

jacqueline says December 2, 2013

Go for it! Just found your blog, it’s fun reading about someone else’s life that’s so different from mine! (me: about to graduate from uni, in Canada, academically inclined with some spurts of creativity) I love drawing inspiration (and to have fun of course) from your blog and your adventures!

& I love the dream boards

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