From Airport Circus To Actual Circus

Disclaimer:  Mr. Richie Gaona…please don’t hate me for the title.  It’s simply for catch-i-ness:) ha…get it? Yep. Knee slapper.

Thank you.

So, that’s enough of that.  Maybe you’ve already given up on reading, and that’s fine.  Because I’ve actually given up on writing for this blog.  I used up all of my creativity on the YouTube videos.  SO WATCH THEM!

Richie Gaona Trapeze Workshop Review 
(This is what Yelp says and below is what I say, but in summary, just go.)

And for my honest and sincere and heartfelt review of trapezing, I LOVED IT!  The Flying Gaonas are apparently known as “the greatest flying acts of all time, and Richie has traveled the world with circuses such as Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, as well as many others.  Richie has over 45 years of experience, and when Esmy and I were at our class, some of the other individuals there are instructors at various trapeze schools in the Los Angeles area, but go to take classes from Richie’s school, because he is the best.  Richie has transitioned into the stunt business and works on TV Shows and films also.  His trapeze school is located in Woodland Hills, California.

Richie Flying from Richie Gaona on Vimeo.

MOM!?  Why didn’t I have a swingset like that growing up?

Taking the class was scary for me, but it was also really fun.  I like doing activities that scare, or challenge me.  Traveling by myself sometimes scares me, but I do it anyway, and just look at all the fun that I’ve had and all that I’ve learned! I have made a commitment to not miss out on life experiences by letting unrealistic fears limit me.

Make a list of the things you want to do in your life.  Go for them.  Create the life that you love to live and a world that you enjoy living in.

The trapeze took me back to my gymnastics days, of a little blonde girl swinging and tumbling and working so hard at perfection.  I’m now the little bit older brunette that still strives too hard to be perfect.   Esmy told me while at the trapeze class that it was a bit unfair that I didn’t mention I had a least done a back flip before.  In my defense, and to date myself, that was almost 20 years ago.  I remember the gruff coaches yelling at me, pounding out too many push-ups, and hating every minute of those God-awful wall sits.  And  I remember the feeling of exhilaration of flipping and spinning, and vaulting into the squishy pit, bouncing up, foam pieces sticking to my sweaty, fair skin.  I spent hours and hours at the gym, and all that I ever wanted to do when I was home, was flip and cartwheel around the yard and in Grandma’s house (I’m sure Grandma loved that).  I felt free, and the trapeze brought back that smile, the good memories of childhood, and reminds me that one can never be too old to play.


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