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I grew up with ‘Uber healthies’.  Mom and Dad made us eat obscure things like tofu before it was cool, millet sauce instead of vanilla pudding, and carob “ice cream” in place of chocolate.  Coffee was not part of the Mulder family’s daily nutrition plan. But at fourteen, I was shipped off to boarding high school, a place where carob didn’t exist.  It was the time when I discovered chocolate, Frappuccinos, and sugar in abundance.  My waistline didn’t know the difference, as the metabolism of a teenager keeps all things equal, and for the most part, I have healthy taste buds, and genes that are a little bit of awesome (ask me sometime about how I wear my mom’s flight attendant uniform to work).

An appreciation for coffee didn’t stem from those high school days of Frappuccinos or as an act of rebellion to my childhood, but the love of an excellent cup of joe must have begun in Italy.  Now, my once in a while, only when I am in foreign countries coffee drinking habit, has become part of my daily, morning routine.

Italian Cappuccinos and Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice. This is the good life:)

A morning cappuccino at home

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Airline crews, frequent travelers, and regular morning coffee drinkers can save by not stopping by Starbucks every day, and instead, make their coffee at home.  Inflated prices at airports and the fact that specialty coffee drinks, or even a simple cappuccino at places like Intelligentsia, although taste worthy of the $5.50 price tag, in a month’s time, you will be out $165, totaling almost $2000 in a year.  $2000 which could buy you a full-fare, confirmed airplane ticket all the way to Africa, Australia, or almost anywhere your little heart desires.

I probably do spend too much on going out to eat, or on fancy coffees, or new shoes, but I’m working on minimizing my frivolous spending, so as to maximize my all important travel fetish.  Recently, I bought a Bialetti Stove-top Espresso Maker, in an attempt to create more inexpensively, the yummy soy cappuccinos that I have sipped in places like Venice (Italy and California), Budapest, Copenhagen, and my own neighborhood.

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, or like me, and have to pay the extra 75 cents for soy or almond milk, I’d recommend investing in either a french press or stovetop espresso maker.  It’s pretty simple to figure out.  YouTube is a great teacher on How To Make An Espresso At Home Without A Fancy Machine.  Also, I’d suggest purchasing the best travel mug in the universe.  It locks. It seals. Spill-Proof, throw-in-your-bag-in-a-hurry-friendly, and simply, all-around amazing.  And, if the never spill properties were not enough for you to run out your front door right now and buy one, the mug keeps beverages warm or cold for hours.
Wonderful Coffee Shots from various places including South Dakota, Hermosa Beach, Santa Cruz, Copenhagen, Vancouver, and San Francisco.
My List
My most frequented neighborhood cafe:  Planet Earth Eco Cafe, Hermosa Beach
As Good as everyone says:  Urth Caffe, Venice, California
Worth Driving For:  Flat White @ Two Guns Espresso, Manattan Beach, California
Weekend Away Coffee Place:  Verve Roasters, Santa Cruz, California
Favorite Coffee Beans:  Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso
Best Soy milk For Froth-ability and Flavor: Pacific Natural Foods Low-Fat Vanilla

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karissa @ withourbest says August 20, 2012

It is the best mug for coffee… and as flight attendants, we sure need it! {Cute blog btw, thanks for the tag and glad I found your url!}

    Sergiu Andreca says August 21, 2012

    Karissa, I just saw the article you wrote about the Contigo mug, but didn’t read through that you are a flight attendant too! Like you blog a lot and glad I found you. Keep writing about the best:)

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