Best Flight Attendant Work Shoes— AirlineShoes Review

If there is one guarantee when working as a flight attendant, it’s that you will need a really good pair of cabin attendant shoes. I’ve tried my fair share of flight attendant shoes and here is a review of AirlineShoes— the inflight shoe brand that I am currently enjoying.

Cabin Attendant Shoes

In my nine-year career of working as a flight attendant— in all facets of flight attendant life (domestic, international, commercial and corporate)— I’ve had the chance to try a variety of different work shoe styles and brands. I’ve liked many of them for a lot for different reasons, but have been extremely happy with Airline Shoes. The shoes include Ortholite inserts that create a nice pillow of comfort for long flights and the many hours that flight attendants need to be on their feet. For the private jet flights that I work, I consistently wear AirlineShoesLucy ballerina flats during my 14 hour days. As we hit winter, I will start subbing the flats in for the Katarina Boot, which is fleece lined and has a solid winter sole; perfect for those cold TEB/NYC arrivals.

Generally, flight attendants purchase two pairs of shoes for flying: Cabin service shoes and airport shoes. During flight, cabin crew are allowed to change out of heels into flats (which most flight attendants do). When I was flying long-haul international, I would either have— a pair of boots and flats with me for the winter or heels and flats for summer flying. Now, I have to be very picky with my heels and the amount of time spent in them, since I’m less than a year out of breaking my ankle. With the choices available through and the comfort offered, I have options even post-injury. I do miss wearing heels as often as I used to, but am thankful I can wear them every once and awhile at least.

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What matters to me, when choosing a cabin crew shoe, are two main things:  comfort and style. I want a comfortable shoe, but I also don’t want the footwear to look unprofessional or something that my Grandma would wear. Before I broke my ankle, I loved wearing a fairly high heel. It just felt so classy when walking through the airport. AirlineShoes offers a variety of options for heels, one of which is the ANNA H75, in black or navy. This style sports an almost 3 inch (or 7.5cm) heel. It’s seriously so classy!

Corporate Flight Attendant Shoes

When AirlineShoes sent me a new pair of Katarina Boots and the Anna heel, I was in the Chief Pilot’s office at the big private jet operator that I fly for as a contract corporate flight attendant. In glee, I said, “Preston and Rick! What do you think of these?! Aren’t they nice?” Both pilots, who have over 60 years of aviation experience combined, looked in my direction and emphatically nodded, stating how professional the shoes were. I mean, c’mon?! If the shoes meet the approval of military trained pilot professionals and my own taste, I think we’re good.  

Flight Attendant Job

Although I don’t have to go through security screenings as a private jet flight attendant, I first started wearing AirlineShoes when I worked in commercial aviation. So, I know how nice it is to be able to go through a security screening and NOT have your boots or shoes alarm. There are many shoe options that you can buy as a flight attendant, but I do recommend purchasing cabin crew specific brands. It’s just nice to have shoes specifically designed for the work that you are doing.

AirlineShoes styles— besides the Katarina boot, Lucy flat, and ANNA heel— even include a shoe that is certified Vegan. If you use the discount code, THEFALIFE15, when ordering from the company’s website, you will receive 15 percent off on your order of any style. The company also offers shoes for male cabin crew and pilots.

Hope this helps you decide on a perfect shoe that will compliment your flight attendant lifestyle. Wishing you safe and classy travels! 

Private Jet Flight Attendant

Disclosure: This a sponsored post in partnership with We kindly received shoes to review in order to share our opinion about the product. All opinions and words are that of  The Flight Attendant Life. 






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