How-To Get the Most Joy Out of Your Flight Attendant Job

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “How do I become a Flight Attendant?” or “How do I become a corporate flight attendant?” 

Both are simple inquiries but, surprisingly, yield somewhat complicated answers. Because of that, I’m not going to answer either of those in this post (but stay with me for a second). I won’t give you a list of 1., 2., 3. or A), B), C), so you can land your dream job, but what I will do is share a secret. I will tell you an essential investment you can make to improve your flight attendant career. Even more remarkable, this tip works whether you are only getting started in aviation, in the commercial or corporate industries, or if you are an already established aviation professional. 

The single best thing you can do for your flight attendant career is this— 

Get and keep your mindset on track. 

Let me explain ‘getting and keeping your mindset on track.’ To illustrate, I’ll focus on corporate aviation as the industry is both saturated and competitive, an ideal environment to test your mental fortitude, to develop your ‘mindset.’ 

There are a thousand training courses, safety recurrents, culinary classes, and how-to articles covering the steps needed to become a flight attendant or excel as a flight attendant (i.e., @Flightess is a resource I lean into frequently). But not one of those will bring you the success possible UNLESS you can harness your mind. Yes, practical training is essential. Yes, preparing for a flight is necessary if you are in corporate aviation. Still, I genuinely believe that you will succeed or fail based upon how you can choose to be positive when all looks bleak, stay level headed when nothing is going your way, and find the solution when no solutions are available. 

Your external world reflects your inner world, and your mind and heart guide your inner world. It’s so critical that you care for your spirit and build it up. Just like you get better at cooking and plating when you practice, you gain a more robust mental attitude when you practice a strong mental attitude. I’ve had to work at my mindset, especially since I became a corporate flight attendant. There have been many times I’m riddled with self-doubt, out of my comfort zone, and feel entirely underqualified and like I’m messing it all up. In moments like this, I simply have to choose to think differently. I have to decide to speak healthy affirmations into my spirit. I must remind myself of all the experiences that I have had in my life that have prepared me for the moment that I face. I also pray. I pray for peace, clarity, and joy. Sometimes, I feel that harnessing my mindset is the most challenging part of my job, the biggest challenge I face personally. But I face it. You can face what challenges you. You can harness the power of your mind for the positive, too. 

Dreams will live and die based on your mindset. I strongly encourage you to set yourself up for the best possible chance to become a flight attendant by taking the appropriate practical steps. Still, I also encourage you to remember your mindset. Practice building an attitude that is unstoppable now. Today. If you want to improve yourself and where you land, I’ve included some affirmations and practices that I repeat. These daily words and reminders help me in my career as a corporate flight attendant. They help me when I take on new challenges. 

These affirmations are a free resource and a great way to help you stay on track mentally and emotionally. After you submit the form below and confirm your email address, the affirmations will be sent directly to your inbox. 


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Additionally, I created these cute, aviation-specific journals to help keep you, and your flight attendant career, on track in 2021. The journals are an excellent resource for cataloging memories, intentions, dreams, and thoughts. You can use them to write a personalized list of affirmations! The journals are limited editions and will only be available for a short time, so get yours today! Keep training your mind as you train for safety and service in your job. 


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