4 Fitness Tips for Flight Attendants During the Holidays

A couple of days ago, I asked on Instagram what would be interesting to read on the blog and what you would like to know about. The resounding response was topics related to fitness and how I stay in shape with traveling so much. I am by no means a fitness guru or healthy food fiend when I’m home or traveling. I thankfully have good genetics and love being active— picking fun workouts, using ClassPass during layovers, going surfing, etc. Also, I haven’t actually been traveling as much the last six months, so my fitness has taken a first priority spot in my life, but for those of you who haven’t experienced the luxury of having time or sleep and MUST cram fitness and your healthy lifestyle into the craziness of holiday flying , I have found the girl to help us.

Charity Nelms is a flight attendant, fitness coach, and inspiring female— and today on the blog— she shares four fitness tips for flight attendants during the holidays. What’s great about what Charity shares is that you can implement these tips no matter the season of the year. What else I personally love about Charity is she is oh so positive and oh so real. This girl doesn’t tell you, “Don’t eat carbs,’ ‘Cut calories,’ or make any unrealistic claims about health. She shares the mental game; the internal transformation that happens to maintain and healthy external transformation. I really can’t say enough good things about this girl and her fitness focus, especially for flight attendants!

Enjoy this video Charity made specifically for Flight Attendant Life to help YOU stay fit during the holidays!

Make sure you follow Charity’s YouTube Channel and Instagram. For more accountability and fitness fun, join Charity’s FITMAS Challenge. Enrollment closes December 1, 2019— so JOIN NOW!!!!

  1. Don’t go all or nothing – even a little movement is SOMETHING. No throwing in the towel if things doesn’t go your way or you don’t have a lot of time. Making the most of what you CAN do is still progress. 
  2. Be mindful and consistent – when traveling is your job or your gone for the holidays you don’t have the luxury to slack off when you’re at home. Be mindful of when you can schedule workouts or fit in good nutrition because those options aren’t always there when you travel. Be consistent at home to balance all the inconsistencies on the road.
  3. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to say no – don’t put yourself in a position where there is an option  to change your mind or back out of commitments. If you have the thought, act on it. Be quick to move on the impulse to be good to your body. 
  4. Find something that brings structure and enables consistency – Find a workout plan, app or guide. I’m co-coaching a December fitmas challenge based around bringing peace, balance and consistency to a busy hectic season because everyone needs this, not just flight attend

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