Galley Gossip, Mean Girl Moments, And Drama Mamas

So many personalities, backgrounds, and ideas brought together creates an environment where drama can brew, and in the flight attendant world, it often does.  It sometimes reminds me of grade school.  It sometimes reminds me of teenage girls.  It sometimes reminds me why I need a vacation. Sad day at the office The drama, often negative, isn’t necessarily always, but simply colorful, and an entertaining addition to the work environment.  Once, the drama in the cabin was that yours truly drank too many bottles of crew water during the turn; out-and-back flights.   Some of my colleagues didn’t approve.  Another moment included the flight attendants rolling on the galley floor– literally, because of a passenger’s mis-hap with his pants, and yours truly being terribly surprised.  And now, as I am finishing up my last few days of flight attendant training, there are certain characters, absolutely dramatic, but in the best ways, the ways that captivate like a diamond’s sparkle. #flyhighwithgio #flyhighwithgio Unfortunately, in the flight attendant world there are also the characters that exude an energy in their environment that taints, and tarnishes.  The thought that “You are your words,” said so eloquently by a colleague today fits well when considering what kind of energy you bring to your working world. I must be honest that I have been part of negative drama before, throwing in “mean girl words,” those unnecessary thoughts that have no purpose but to hurt.  I think that there is a saying that goes something like even a fool is considered intelligent when he keeps his mouth shut.  Sometimes silence, and a strong filter are the best medicine for cabin drama fever.  I realized to late the effect of sharing more than I should have in drama situations.  My day was not improved, and neither was the other person’s day.  The relationship was not improved.  Relationships are power, and healthy relationships are gold.  You have the influence to create healthy relationships at work, and home.  Part of that recipe is leaving the drama out. Best Friends Healthy and Happy Friendships When I talk about drama in this way, I am referencing the drama that is not entertaining, but hurtful.  It’s when you choose to discuss people, and not ideas.  When you focus on faults, and failings, and not future, and hope.  When you complain that everyone around you is an idiot, but you- you can do know wrong.  This is the drama that has no place. Anywhere.  This drama is hurtful, demeaning, and damaging.  So often, a flight attendant’s work life is so entrenched in personal life that there is no line between the two, and so, discussions that should be left at home, are brought to the aircraft.  This does not only affect your crew, it affects passengers. Flight attendants have a responsibility to each other, and their passengers to be a cohesive unit.  Aviation rules state that in the event of an emergency evacuation, cabin crew must evacuate an aircraft, no matter the size, in ninety seconds, or less.  When you understand, respect, and have developed a bond with colleagues, the strength of your team increases, and what that team can accomplish as a whole improves.  A crew that communicates, and respects each other creates a safer environment for all. Sunset in An Airplane It is so critical to professional success, and for the safety of crew, and passengers to leave the negative drama out.  Working as a flight attendant, you will NEVER like everyone, and you will not always get along with everyone, but no matter who you are, and who they are, everyone deserves respect.  Drama will happen.  Galleys are where gossip can take place.  It’s fairly unavoidable, but you do have a choice over who you will be in the drama.  Are you going to live in the mean girl moment, or play a better part?

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Catherine says March 17, 2015

well.. sometimes its pretentious when no truth is spoken in galley dramas…
whatever the case one should be free to express hi/her opinions straight up.. if hurtful its said and done period. i dislike hypocrites..i love high spirits and fun! c’mon guys liven up!!lol

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