Flight Attendants & Firemen

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It was Day 20 a couple of days ago, and Dorie and I needed to Instagram an adventure.  For the month that we have been living in Bellingham, we’ve taken at least one Instagram photo a day for visual story telling fun.  We figured that touring a fire station was a good Instagram adventure for a random Monday.

Bellingham Fire Department

New adventures? Adore.  Firemen? Love. This sounded fantastic.

Let’s be real here.  I am a fan of firemen.  What girl doesn’t like manly, muscly heroes?  I also had never toured a fire house before, meaning I hadn’t written about something like that.  I’ll be the first to admit that I rely on my blog as an excuse to finding a story, and maybe just an excuse to act silly in general.  Thank goodness for my baby blog.  

Meeting firemen is a joke with my flight attendant friends and I.  Dorie and I have giggled over getting “lost” by the fire station, or baking cookies and making a special delivery, just so I can meet uniformed men.  We all known My boyfriend in 10 Days Plan never worked out, but I’m not deterred or discouraged.  There is always Plan B.  The next joke with making a fire station visit happen was that my broken shoe needed a firemen for the fix.  I didn’t pack cobbler tools in my flight attendant bag and my Dad, who I usually enlist for tasks like such, is two states away.  I imagined walking to the door of the fire station, ringing the much too loud firehouse bell, a uniformed hottie answering, and what his response was going to be when I said something like, “Can you fix my bedazzled sandal?”

Not exactly why most people need a fireman or visit a firehouse.

How to fix a shoe

I think that most individuals who visit a firehouse are 5 years old.  I’ve been accused of acting 5, so touring a fire station was the ideal Kara activity.  Most people probably think that I should grow up, and sometimes I wonder if they are right.  But, that sounds boring, and I’m just being me.  Why be who I’m not and live everyday disliking my life?  No thanks.  I’ve done that.  I’ve been depressed and sad and scared, and now I relish in gratefulness that laughing happens daily.   I do what some are too embarrassed because of fear over what others will think of them.  People often ask if my shenanigans are fueled by alcohol.  Nope.  It’s just me.  I’m animated and expressive.  If I’m excited, you’ll know it.  If I’m sad, you will see tears.  These emotions often hit me within the timeframe of one inhale and exhale.  I surprise myself with how much entertainment value I find in the little things.  I’ve learned that new experiences and fun is not dependent on a destination.  Many people may hold a belief that they will never have stories to share because, in their lives, they cannot travel. But to that, I’ll say that some of the best experiences are the ‘backyard moments.’  The experiences that show up in your very own neighborhood.

Flight Attendant Firemen

The Fire Station was a backyard moment, creating fun in this small town.  I don’t always need to escape around the world for adventure.  I just need to hold on to my sparkle and my friends, both of which make my life what it is, enjoyable and surprising.

Fun with Friends



Fire truck




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