Flight Attendant Travel Hacks

I’ve started a new YouTube Mini-Series called “Flight Attendant Travel Hacks.”  These are short, 30 sec, to 2 minute videos sharing tips related to ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’

The travel hacks are meant to be informative, yet err on the side of silly and fun.  But still, these tips share content that will make your traveling life easier.

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Here is the latest tip:


I plan on turning this into a reader generated content feature of The Flight Attendant Life, so if you have ideas or submissions, please pitch your submission FIRST, by emailing me at [Kara at theflightattendantlife.com].  I wrote that as such to prevent spammers.  Your pitch should look like this:

Subject:  Flight Attendant Travel Hack:  “Title of Vide0”

Body of The Email:  My travel hack idea is ….

I will email you back, and if your idea is approved, I will send you formatting guidelines.  You will have five days from approval to put together your video, and submit it.

Thanks and happy travels!

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ricky says May 30, 2015

I love to make new friends, so I was just wondering how to strike up conversations with Flight Attendants and Pilots? Thanks.

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