Flight Attendant Tip: Just Remember ‘The Essentials’

Kara mulder copenhagen cabin crew

“Where did you just fly in from?” the baggage agent said in response to my question of where my kite bag would turn up in the baggage claim area.

“Ft Lauderdale,” I responded with assurance.

“No—Where. Did. You. Fly. IN. From?”

“Ft Lauderdale,” I repeated again, with sure conviction.

I think I noticed an eye-roll before the man patiently replied: “Honey. You are in Ft Lauderdale. What flight got you here? Where did your flight originate? Where did you fly in from?”

Oh. Of course. Right. I’m in Ft Lauderdale. That’s true.

Pause. Pause. Think. Think. 

Where the hell did I just come in from? 

Ugh. I can’t even remember the best escape I’ve had in awhile. That’s slightly terrible. My trailing kite bag should be the first clue, and the fact that I’m not on the work clock, might also give a hint. This crazy life of mine confuses the hell out of me. Shake my head.

In moments like this, the best thing to do is just laugh. 

Because, really— it is kind of funny when you get on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else, and all you really know for sure is airport pick-up time. Just goes to show that in this life, ‘The Essential Things’ are more important than ‘The Little Things.’

It’s essential to know what time work begins.

It’s essential to remember emergency procedures.

It’s essential to pack something in a suitcase, whatever that something may be.

Bonus points if you look up the weather.

Bonus points if you remember the names of your pilots.

Bonus points if you have enough singles in your wallet to pay the shuttle drivers.

Airplane Window

The destinations, hotel room numbers, and crew lists begin to blur. It’s all a blur at times, but somehow, it’s still wonderful; in its own odd way. I don’t think most people live like this. A passenger asks if I am in Stockholm often. I mumble a weak, “I think so.” I was just here last week…or was that two weeks ago. No…maybe three? I dunno, but does it matter? I just want to sleep. I just want a home. I just want to remember the little things. Oh well. I guess for now, the essentials will do. 

Alright, y’all it’s time for some sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Definitely, an essential:)

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