Flight Attendant RETOX: The Necessary Detox & Recovery Required Post-Trip

The last thing I wanted was to be on the 5hr25 min flight from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. ‘I hate this commute,’ I thought as I lifted my heavy kiteboarding bag onto the scale; smiling at the agent in the hopes that the kite bag would slip by any overweight charges she could slap onto my standby ticket. I thanked her as she handed me a security document. One step closer to being home. This lifestyle; the commute, the trips, the constantly amazing adventures wear me down. It’s good, but I realize I’m not super-human. At some point, I have to take a break. 

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It think that I expect to develop an immunity to the flight attendant lifestyle and all of the timezone hopping my job requires, but yet, I find myself struggling; unmotivated and grumpy. I forget that there is no substitute to an adequate amount of sleep, time to recover, and moments to recoup. Because my life is always on-the-go, I often forget that after every trip, I MUST take time to RETOX— recover with rest and relaxation, and to take time away from airplane land to let my body detox from excessive amounts of coffee, too much chocolate, and not enough vegetables.

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The first few days following the end of a trip are when it’s really important to take care of yourself and listen to your body. Sometimes, you may have a ton of energy. Other times, you might need to take multiple naps throughout the day or spend all day in bed. I’m constantly learning to pay attention to what I need. Throughout my few years flying long-haul, I’ve come to discover what helps me bounce back most quickly after a long pattern, being ready and recovered for the next trip.

Here are my tips— tried and tested from a constant traveler— on ways to help you RETOX from your own trips and travels!

Upgrade Your Nutrition— I generally eat fairly healthy on my trips, but do find myself gravitating towards junk food when I have to stay up all night for redeye flights. So, when I’m back home, I actually crave fresh juice and pummel my body with supplements that reenergize my immune system. I recommend adding Ambrotose AO to your every day life. I’ve noticed such a difference with how quickly my muscles recovery, my energy levels return, and my skin looks bright and vibrant. You can order yours today by clicking here. I’ll write a follow-up blog and post a video soon on why this is so important as part of your health strategy as a flight attendant.


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Find your stress relief— My stress relief and happy place is kiteboarding. I find it takes away my tired and boosts my mood like nothing else can. The beach and nature is a place that I can go that helps me refresh and reset after a stressful work trip. Find your place and your thing that makes everything right in your world and do that!

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Cut down on the coffee— Everyone knows that I love my coffee, but honest to God, I try to cut back (if even ever so slightly) when I’m not working. During work trips, my coffee consumption goes sky high. I know this isn’t the healthiest thing, so I do try to find a balance when I’m home relaxing. Limit: Two cups a day, as opposed to sometimes 6…#craycray

Sleep— As I mentioned, there is no substitute for sleep. It’s so important to get back on a regular sleeping pattern and to sleep more than when you were working. It will make you recover 100 times faster.

Catch up with friends— I love my time off, because I finally get a chance to be with my friends who are not flight attendants, or hangout with my cabin crew friends outside of the airplane (it’s true that crew hang with crew). Being with my friends centers and grounds me again.

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Take moments to be still— Flight Attendant Life can get going so fast, one becomes dizzy. It becomes an addiction of always needing to be going somewhere or doing something. It’s important to slow down, be quiet, and find stillness. As Pico Iyer says,

“Going nowhere … isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.”

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