What Is ‘The Flight Attendant Life?’

I asked myself the question, “What is The Flight Attendant Life?” while staring at a mostly blank screen, trying to write.  I hate that word ‘trying’ because what it really means is failing, or not actually making it.  This week was trying.  It seems as if weeks are these days.  There is a joke between my friends that, “#thestruggleisreal,” and yes, our generation even hashtags in conversation.

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The Struggle

I live a glamorous life right?  How can that be a struggle?  Perceived glamour and actual glamour are two different topics.  I’m not ready to trade my challenges for yours, or theirs, or hers, but really, you never know what anyone is dealing with.  The smile may be the only thing painted over the pain.

I’m on this kick of 21 days of no complaining, wearing a rubber band around my wrist to snap myself back into mental compliance when I fall out of positive line.

I lost the rubber band a few days ago…


I was told the other day that my writing wasn’t perfect.  Yeah.  I noticed.  I noticed I’m not perfect awhile ago.  Sometimes I still try to be- often actually.

I may not know what The Flight Attendant Life is, but I know know for sure what it is not:

It is not perfect. 

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No one asked you to be perfect.  No one asked you to be super-human.  You were only asked to be you.  And you make mistakes.  You have ugly moments.  You doubt yourself.  It’s ok, because you know that person you envy, the one that you want to be?  They have the same moments.

In two days, I accomplished four timezones, three states, and three countries.  Is that The Flight Attendant Life?  Do I tell everyone to be like me, watch this, do that, work here, and of course SMILE.  Is that why I created this world?  I don’t know.  I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep doing, because I keep thinking I’ll figure it out as I go.  I guess that’s it.  It’s like this blog…I’m not sure what will happen next.

I created The Flight Attendant Life, and yet, the girl that made it can’t even articulate what it is.

Maybe The Flight Attendant Life is DISCOVERY

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I stare at a blank computer screen, blinking to erase the fuzz, hoping that like David Blaine, I can make magic happen.  Nothing.  I wish like a magician I knew the secret ways to disappear, and reappear later, when the smoke settles.  I have no kids, no relationships, or family demanding my attention, but like a needy baby, this site, a pay cut, and ambition constantly nags.   These are intense responsibilities that I feel at most unqualified for, and at least lacking the intelligence, and know-how to accomplish.  I haven’t been playing when I’m not flying, although that is what Instagram’s story makes it seem.  I have a work level, and a stress level that I have not experienced up to this point.  The only way I have been surviving is through the support of three best girl friends, and an incredible family that reminds me constantly, “Kara, it’s a foundation.   Kara, I am proud of you.  Kara I’m in this with you.”

Everyone needs a cheerleader. Or 3. 


Mom and Daughter Flight Attendants Flight Attendant Fun

The Flight Attendant Life will be going through some changes within the next four months.  I’ve hired a creative firm to re-brand, and re-make this website.  I’m adding pages, and erasing some.   I found a flight attendant fitness contributor/editor.  I’m looking for a flight attendant FASHION EDITOR (if interested, email me at kara@theflightattendantlife.com).  I have big plans, big projects, and big goals, which is excitingly overwhelming.

As changes occur, in any aspect of life, it’s critical to maintain clarity of who you are, and of what you stand for.  That is why, “What is The Flight Attendant Life?”  is not just a question to pass by unnoticed.

The Flight Attendant Life is more than I ever thought it would be.

The Flight Attendant Life will be bigger than I ever imagined.

The Flight Attendant Life will always tell an AUTHENTIC STORY

Live your story

The Flight Attendant Life is something I’m still figuring out.  Thanks for coming along on the adventure…

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