The Flight Attendant Life Adventure Playlist: Music For Travel

Music For Travel


I have been so excited about this blog post.  Today, I finally get to share with you music for travel.  Music inspired by ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’  Music for the free spirited soul.  It’s ‘The Flight Attendant Life’s Official Adventure Playlist!

I am always looking for travel music.  Thank the good Earth that the Swedes invented Spotify, because it has definitely expanded my musical interests, helping me to discover artists I would have never heard of otherwise.

In ‘The Flight Attendant Life’ playlist, Katy Perry starts us out by swooning over smiles, and the international life.  “You’re lucky if you’re on her plane.” Thanks Katy…I think it’s true;)  Seinabo Sey closes the two hours of tunes with the truth that “You aren’t getting any younger.”  In between, T.I. gives the advice to ‘Live Your Life.’  This is the that takes me back to sitting in the backseat of a car, speeding through an Egyptian desert.  True story.  It was this song, and this time when I started and began living my Flight Attendant Life.  What would a travel list be without Ellie Goulding, belting out the adventure in life?  Yes.  ‘Anything Could Happen.’  

Enjoy and follow the playlist.  You now have the music- You must go on an adventure!

Go Travel

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Greg says August 25, 2014

Great mix…I’m surprised no one else has added to it yet. Sticking to the travel theme, how about “Leaving On A Jet Plane” (I like the Chantal Kreviazuk version), “Jet Airliner” (the Fasten-Seat-Belt-Mix by Modern Talking), “Snakes On A Plane” by Cobra Starship, and last but not least “LA International Airport” by Susan Raye.

Lauren says May 9, 2016

How about “Walking on Air” by Katy Perry and “How it Feels to Fly” by Alicia Keys? 🙂

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