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I was planning on taking the flight on Tuesday morning.  I actually thought I might take a red-eye on Monday, but my delayed work trip made me recoil at the idea of getting on another airplane, even if this time it was to commence my nine days off. 

I woke up Tuesday, looked at the clock, once again dreading the drive to the airport, the employee shuttle, and waiting for a flight, all of these inconveniences overshadowing the intended destination of Maui.  No. I would wait to leave.  I would fly out that evening (Being a flight attendant is a blessing and a curse because it lets me change my mind…and it lets me change my mind).  Or maybe, I would go to Colombia. Or, maybe Guatemala. Or, maybe Aruba (See what I mean?).

A nap, a run, brownie baking, and some TV watching later, I still found myself comfortably settled into my So-Cal home.  I had missed all of the flights for that day simply because I couldn’t bring myself to pack my bag and leave.  I went to sleep that night leaning towards a Hermosa Beach staycation, with maybe a side-trip to the hippie land of Santa Cruz, California.  Nothing too crazy.  As an afterthought, I threw together a bag of tropical wear, and set my alarm, Just In Case I had any desire to visit an island or two.

I awoke a changed woman, wanting to fly somewhere, and eagerly anticipating the fun of a new destination.  I reveled in how accomplished I would feel by crossing off Barcelona and Maui in the same month.  I looked up a couple hotels and hostels before jumping in my car to leave for the airport, but for some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to a reservation, Just In Case

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“Would you like window or aisle?”  the polite gate agent asked.  To have the option on standby travel?  This is good, I thought, as I momentarily hesitated when presented with the choice.  A few minutes later, choice made, I snuggled into an aisle seat, pulling out my book, and smiling, as the child next to me began a LEGO building project.  

I looked up as a flight attendant walked briskly by, and I registered a moment of recognition.  It was one of my friends!  After recently losing all of the numbers in my cell phone, there were only a few people that I had completely lost contact with, and Ale was one of them.  Completely not expecting to run into anyone I knew, I now felt like maybe there was an unseen plan in my postponed flight departure, and the coincidental encounter.  Ale suggested we could rent a car if I wanted to stay on Oahu.  We could go snorkeling, or to The North Shore, or anything that I wanted to do.  All of that sounded like so much fun.  Why not? I hadn’t made any reservations for Maui.  It could wait one more day.

After a fun filled 24 hours, Ale left back to Los Angeles, and I made the determination, that what I wanted more than spending nights at a damp hostel or lounging at a resort alone, was to go hiking with friends, sit at a café to write while eating a coconut macaroon, attempting to surf, and drinking iced soy lattes at my favorite coffee shop, all of which could be better accomplished on Kauai.

And so I figured, I would post-pone Maui for a couple of more days.  It would still be there, and just in case a couple of my flight attendant friends decided to join me, I figured it would be logistically more feasible for them to meet me on Kauai. 

And, so I reasoned I would leave Kauai Saturday, but maybe Sunday, Just In Case I was having too much fun to leave.  If Sunday’s flight to Los Angeles was full, that was ok too.  I knew Maui was only a hop and a skip across a few waves. 

And so, I never actually made it to Maui.  That’s the beauty of Just in Case.  My trips usually turn out better than my plans.  Besides, it’s only January.  I just have to get there before December 30, 2012, which leaves me heaps of time.   


A few months ago, I texted my cousin Jenny, telling her that I was thinking of flying out to visit her in San Antonio, but that was if I didn’t go to Costa Rica.  She relayed the message to her sis, Maddie, who in turn responded…

WTF is up with Kara’s life!?!?!

Well, I’m not exactly sure, but Just in Case I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Morning at The North Shore

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Jeremy B says June 4, 2012

Haaaaah I SOOO know this feeling! That was my week this week even… “well, I want to go to Thailand but its going to be really hot…. maybe I’ll go to Japan…. or Hawaii… or Sydney…. or Mexico….”

I have mentally committed to Mexico but I won’t be sure til I’m actually sitting in a seat!

And I sure wish VX had a flight tommorrow for me so I won’t have time to change my mind!

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