Fit Gifts For Your Fly Friends- Twenty Under $20

Fit Gifts For Fly Friends

The holidays are coming up fast and my stomach is already doing flips thinking about the lack of funds that I have to spend on gifts. On a new-hire flight attendant salary, I am  trying to come up with inexpensive, yet interesting and unique gift ideas.  I have many fitness obsessed friends and family members, but so many fitness gadgets and apparel are priced completely out of my price range.  If you have this problem too, don’t you fret!  I have discovered 20 gift ideas for fit fly guys & gals for $20.00 and under! (Most have a small shipping fee if ordered online, but cyber shopping is perfect for us busy fly guys and gals!) Check them out and let me know what you think!
Bondi Band Athletic Head Bands (Men & Women) $9-$11: These ‘No Slip, No Drip’ athletic head bands can be worn during cardio, or strength training and are available in a variety of colors and styles.
FitChicksApparel (on  $16.50: Women’s tanks with sassy slogans such as “Lunges & Lipgloss” or “Muscles & Mascara”
Unisex Bicycle Scarf (By Boomerang360 on $20.00: Available in green, blue, and teal.
Custom Jewelry (By FitChickJewelry on $8.95+:  Hip, inspiring, and fun custom handmade fitness jewelry and key chains.
Small Personal Item Fitness Belt- $19.99: Available in various colors and styles to hold your smart phone, keys, cash, etc while on the go. A SPIbelt is great for runners, cyclists, walkers, city exploring, and more.
Fitness Journal (TrainRite00 on $15.00: This fitness journal is perfect for any fitness obsessed fly guy or gal to keep track of progress. Available in witty slogans such as “Saved By The [bar]Bell”, and “Lifting & Lipgloss”
Fitness Journal Trainrite00
iTunes Gift Card– All fit fly guys & gals would love an excuse to buy some new workout tunes.
Chalkboard Race Countdown (NajaDesign on $13.00:  This race countdown is available for half marathons, marathons, and ironman distances.  A fun gift for any competitor friend who trains annually for a big race.
Eco Friendly Fruit Infused Water Bottle- ( $14.99+ Help keep your fit friends hydrated with this gorgeous eco friendly water bottle with fruit infuser.
Define infused fruit bottle
Kaiman Swim Goggles ( $17.95+ These goggles are designed for a smaller fit. Perfect for swimmers with petite heads. Not only do they look sleek, but they also have UVA/UVB protection for open water/outdoor swims.
Artsy Bike Bell ( $8.99-$16.99: This eclectic bicycle brand sells a ton of fun and quirky bike accessories, but their bike bells are by far my favorite. They are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, styles, and logos ranging from Navajo prints to skulls.
Athletic Infinity Scarf- ( $14.95:  This company was co-founded by Kate Hudson and has a numerous amount of fab gift ideas. This infinity scarf is available in three colors. With 89% polyester this scarf received rave reviews from users due to it’s style and practicality.
“Karma Made Me Do It” Water Bottle ( $20: A witty water bottle for all of your yogi friends that don’t take life too seriously.
Reebok Cross-Fit Knee-High Socks ( $13.99: For all your CrossFit friends who “drink the Kool-Aid”, these CF embroidered knee-highs are available in fun prints like skeletons and stripes.
Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag ( $16.95-$19.98: Comes in several colors, prints, and styles for all your yogi friends.
Chilly Sports Towel- ( $5.95+ This cooling sports towel is a simply brilliant item. Perfect for gym goers, fitness classes, outdoor cardio, warm weather hiking, cycling, and more. This towel is made with an innovative material to help dry sweat and cool down the body simultaneously.
Chilly Sports Towel
Strength Stack Fitness Cards ( $16.95: Perfect “On-The-Go” Travel workout concept for fit fly guys and gals. This deck of cards keeps workouts diverse and fun.
Adorable Swimming Buttons- (MyButtonMonster on $5 for 10 buttons: These cute 1 inch pinback buttons are a cute luggage accessory/identifier for swimmer fly guys and gals. With saying such as “Not Every Athlete Wears Shoes”, “Got Chlorine?”, and “Instant Swimmer. Just Add Water”, you are sure to bring a smile to your favorite swimmers face. Add a packet of new inexpensive ear plugs for $3-5.00 and a towel, and you have a quick and easy  gift to please any swimmer!
Para-cord Bracelet- (OutOnALimbADK on $4+: This bracelet is a great survival tool for any adventurers (hikers/backpackers/campers). It is available in several colors with strap options and optional compass addition.  Pair it with a great inexpensive water bottle, or even a set of bamboo silverware from REI and you have a fun, inexpensive gift.
Fitness Magazines ($8-$20 per one year subscription): You know us fly guys and gals have lots of time to read on the beach, in the terminal, on the hotel shuttle, and late at night in our hotel rooms before bed. Why not subscribe your fit pal to a new and interesting fitness magazine? It’s the gift that gives all year long! I like to buy an inexpensive head band, or pair of athletic socks, or a water bottle with a  note inside about the subscription so your pal still has something to open.
-Fitness Gals may enjoy Fitness Magazine, Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine
-Fitness Guys may enjoy: Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Journal
-Unisex Fitness Magazines: Runners World,  Triathlete, Running Times, Backpacking, Climber, Trail Runner, Bicycling, Bicycle Times, Experience Life, Yoga Journal
I know many of these items require online ordering and shipping, so I tried to give you enough time before the holidays hit to get your cyber shopping done.  Hopefully it sparked some gift-giving brainstorming ideas, or maybe you have found some items to put on your OWN list!

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