Finding My Balance

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

How easy is it to live a life that’s out of balance?

Much too…

I am the type of person that struggles with an all-or-nothing mindset.  Black-and-white.  It’s 100% or zero with me.  When I live in this way, for too many weeks in a row, it catapults me into a realm of unhealthful living.  Into out-of-balance.

I don’t like out-of-balance, but the ease of slipping into the fast lane is natural.  I love the way that I attack life; with zest and enthusiasm, but the energy doubles as weakness when I reach zealously past my human capabilities.  The pendulum of my personal life swings dangerously quickly from too-much and then not-enough.  Too much time with friends, too much rushing, too much working, too much playing, too much exercising, too much on my to-do list.  Then, in opposition; not-enough sleep, not-enough quietness, not enough reflection, not enough thought…

Not enough.

Then I feel that I am not enough.

Where is pause?  Stop? Wait just one minute?  The spinning, busy, top of my life, is making me dizzy.  And, I know, that right now, I am out of balance.

Everyone falls out-of-balance in life.  Even the most devoted yogi or meditation guru I’m sure has felt the unease of a soul unsettled.  It’s natural in life to get caught up with life, forgetting to actually live.  For example, instead of living in this sunset, you think of the sunset next week, the one that will happen during that vacation that you have been planning for months.  You arrive at that vacation, and sunset, only to miss the pretty red and blue hues because you can’t escape the work world that you left.  Living out-of-balance is a sure way for you to miss living.

I’m tired of feeling like I have been missing living.  I need to find my balance.  My lifestyle is not one that has tons of stability or permanency, with constantly changing schedules, time zones, and locations, but there are actions I can take to quiet my inner soul and find peace.  I finally have ten days off, and right now, I’m in Maui.  I know this is exactly where I need to be.  There isn’t the lullaby of sirens from the streets of Waikiki, but the sound of the water fountain at the zen like guesthouse where I am staying.  I need this lullaby.  I hope it will track me back to a healthy place of balance again.

I thought of some ways that will help me find my balance again.  Maybe my ideas can help you if you have lost yours.

Finding My Balance

  1. Create moments of quietness:  a little time, every day, to be alone.
  2. Journal again
  3. Blog more (writing this blog is something I really enjoy and have missed).
  4. Caffeine in moderation, not as a substitute for sleep deprivation.
  5. Sleep
  6. Be thankful
  7. Regular, healthy meals.
  8. Decrease the late nights out on the town.
  9. Spanish studying
  10. Read more, social media less.
  11. Sleep.
  12. Find community
  13. Listen to my favorite podcasts again
  14. Accept me and embrace my state of living.
  15. Keep being me:)
  16. and did I say, sleep?


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Louis says April 23, 2013

I feel the same way very often. Either I’m fully invested into something and losing myself completly or I’m on the sidelines feeling like I am missing out, missing out on everything, missing out on me. I dont think anyone really knows how to mend balance and imbalance, maybe its impossible! I do think, feel, that if you just take in the moments like you are in Maui, thats balance finding you. Look at nature, why else would it rain after a dry spell?

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