Introducing CortiZEN: Supporting a Healthy Flight Attendant Lifestyle

Being a flight attendant invites many questions; one of those being, “What do you hate/love most about ‘Flight Attendant Life?” My answer is simple. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story discovered within this career. What I don’t like is simple, too (albeit sometimes harder to solve). I HATE HATE HATE jet lag and the way that this jet-setting lifestyle wreaks havoc on my health; both mentally and physically. As flight attendants, pilots, and frequent travelers you understand what I am saying. Staying healthy can be tough. Although we can’t completely avoid the stress, fatigue, and jet lag induced by our jobs— there are solutions available that will help us regain our edge, cleanse our systems, reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and offer a greater sense of well-being.

One of those solutions is CortiZEN. Developed by Dave Catudal— a strength and conditioning coach, diagnostic specialist, and health expert— CortiZEN was actually created with cabin crew, flight attendants, pilots and frequent travelers in mind. CortiZEN attacks inflammation and toxins; elements that are linked to fatigue, weight gain, low energy levels, depression, and more. If you are a cabin attendant or pilot who can’t help but wake up at 2am or 3am in any city you found yourself, you may need more than a good night’s sleep or healthy foods to reset your body clock. “Inflammation is at the root of all circadian rhythm issues,” says Dave. “No matter how healthy you are, you still need supplements to reset.”

I’m excited to announce that Flight Attendant Life recently partnered with CortiZEN. I have personally struggled with the negative health side effects that my amazing job includes, and although I might look thin, fit, and healthy, it doesn’t mean that I always am. It’s important to be intentional about our health when we live such crazy schedules and implement strategies to improve our personal wellbeing. I have been taking the CortiZEN consistently for the past two weeks and although I won’t see the majority of benefits until after two to three months of use (just like ANY lifestyle change. i.e. fitness plan, nutritional changes), I’ve already noticed that I’m sleeping more deeply and feel more rested when I wake up. And c’mon— we all need that! I’m looking forward to seeing more benefits as I continue to take CortiZEN. Join me in this and see how you can benefit, too.

Are you looking for something to help you feel better, have more energy, and sleep better— all so you can adventure and enjoy your lifestyle more? Try CortiZEN. Receive FREE shipping when you order. Click here to purchase, and use the code FALifeZEN to unlock a healthier you!

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