Why you should spend your money on experiences and not things

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I am not in a relationship. I don’t have a car that’s nice or even works very well.  I live out of suitcases.  Many times, home feels like the airplane.  I don’t sleep much.  I sometimes wonder how I will pay rent or wistfully wish I was in a more lucrative career.  But, I would say that I am happy.  Very, very much so

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Jumping on street trampolines in Copenhagen, Denmark

so, incredibly happy and excited about life and about everyday.  And here’s why I believe my state of emotion is such:  Because I choose to push myself into adventures that create amazing memories, spending my time, money, and energy on experiences as opposed to others’ expectations of me or society’s norms.  As opposed to simply ‘things.’

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That one time @TheEverydayJumpseater and I went to Israel

Of course I’m not above caring what other people think of me or have no interest in sparkly cars or trendy clothes.  And shoes.  Of course shoes.  But, I trust that nice ‘things’ will happen in my life as I invest in myself, my goals, and my purpose.  Travel is an investment.  You re-create how you see other people and how you see the world when you travel.  You learn to get lost and find yourself again.  You become you.  I know that when I travel and through my job, I am creating an ability to connect and relate to people all over the world, and although that may alienate me from those that stay in one place and with those that don’t dream, those types are not necessarily people that I admire, want to befriend, or learn from anyway.  You become like the five people you spend the most time with.  Remember that. 

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Often this generation becomes trapped by ‘nice things’ before taking part in the freedom of experiences.  Too soon there is college debt, car payments, and New York or San Francisco style expensive rents.  There exists a job that restricts creativity and time, leaving only the experiences of an office left, and two weeks of vacation per year.  Sadly, I understand that this is often the only choice for many.

Science has actually studied how experiences gift a sense of longterm happiness more so than purchases do as there is a diminishing return found over time in overall satisfaction with stuff.  We become bored and fall into the trap that there is always something new and better.  Ask yourself this: “When will ‘enough’ be enough?” The answer to that is enough will never be enough if it cannot be enough right now.  If you are not enough in your failure, you will never be enough in your success.

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I’m the perfectionist; ultra ambitious and extremely self-critical.  There are many days when I still do not feel like I am enough, and when I think this way, I have to check myself.  I check myself by focusing on gratitude.  I think of how thankful I am for my friends.  Thankful for my family. And thankful for my varied life experiences that I have been able to find and pack into the last few years.

Recently, a new experience that I am part of is being a Brand Ambassador for a travel app– a travel app that allows users to see and share only positive reviewed experiences.

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This is such a cool opportunity as it is a benchmark to me, personally showing how far that I have come in my ‘outside of flying career.’  Every time that I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone into something new, opportunities that I did not expect have presented themselves.  Don’t ever tell me you cannot be who you want to be and do what you want to do.  I wasn’t born a writer, but have worked hard to become one.  This platform and blog was not handed to me.  Although, I started out in a pretty good place in life, I did not start out at a good place when I became a flight attendant.  Nothing has been handed to me.  I have sacrificed to be a traveler.  I have fielded heartbreak, loneliness, and self-doubt.  I’m just like you.  Don’t think that I am extra special or something.  Create yourself.  Create your happiness.

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Kara is a Brand Ambassador for HeyLets, the social city and travel guide based on positivity, making it easy for travelers to find experiences based on what they like.  Download the app with this link http://hey.li/1CEBjgE and use that same link to share the app with all of your friends.  All thoughts are not directed by any company or outside entity and our strictly Kara’s personal reflections. 

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