“Don’t Read This Blog:” The Fine Line Between Knowing Too Much And Knowing Too Little

I’ve been stunned with the response to this blog. I never knew anyone would ever be so interested in Flight Attendant Life. This seems ironic now when I position myself as a brand strategist to other bloggers and am paid to write, consult, and create. It would seem that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t start a brand or business if they didn’t believe it could be a success. It’s not that I didn’t think that blogging was a “thing” or that it could be successful. I just never actually thought about it. It wasn’t about creating a high-traffic website. It was always about the story. It still is about the story.

Kara Mulder Flight Attendant Blog

It am thrilled to the moon that what has been written here, posted on YouTube, and shared on Instagram has inspired you, comforted you and added insight into this profession. I’m thankful that you have so happily and excitedly accepted these stories and have needed them, so why would I tell you NOT to read this blog? Don’t I want you to read this blog? Doesn’t it help me if you read this blog. To that, the answer is a resounding YES! Of course I want you to read this blog, but I worry I about you.

I worry that you know too much. That you know too much of the difficulties, the happy moments, the loneliness, the wonderful times, the incredible memories. I am concerned that you know too much and that will make you expect too much. It is said that happy people maintain low expectations. I question if you may lose sight of what YOUR flight attendant life is by focusing too much on what MY flight attendant life is. 

I recently talked with Jeremy on The Life Bohemian Podcast (please listen if you haven’t yet), and one of the things I said in the episode was this:

“The best thing that I ever did for myself going into this [flight attendant] life is I didn’t read blogs. I didn’t look up what the life was about. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t even look up how to interview as I was already interviewing for a lot for other jobs…I didn’t have any expectations as to what the job would include and that was wonderful, because all of it was an adventure. All of it was exciting.

I was on the extreme other end of knowing too little, but for me—at the time— it worked well.

I’ve told you what it’s like living flight attendant life before (maybe) you have even had a chance to live it. “Well, Kara said it was like this.” “I watched the YouTube video by Meghan on how to interview.” “Griffin is traveling all over the world on his days off, from skiing vacations in Wyoming, to climbing mountains in South Africa.”

“I want this life.” This is what you say and then you jump in. And it’s not what you expected

I want to tell you something. It’s not bad or good or awful or wonderful, because it is or it isn’t, but it’s that way because you had an idea in your mind of how it should be. And ‘should bes’ are an awfully big measurement for anyone or anything to live up too.

The Everyday Jumpseater

You knew too much. “Ignorance is bliss,” is a cliche for a reason.

I’m not telling you to stop reading this blog, but what I am telling you is don’t take everything that I say— or anyone says— for that matter as fact until you test it out for yourself. Let me share with you an example of how this happened to me a few months ago regarding a belief system and expectations that negatively influenced my life.

I had been discouraged over dating and frustrated because I didn’t have a relationship. Everyone, who was anyone, was telling me that I would not ever have a relationship if I stayed in my flight attendant job. I began to believe their words, like they knew more about my life, myself, and my destiny than I did. You know what it did for me? Nothing positive. Dates were coming and going quicker than I could fly from city to city, and I wasn’t happy. Then, I went to lunch with Alana, my best friend who is a host, cinematographer, and all-around inspiring lady. She’s not a flight attendant, so she doesn’t really care how things are ‘supposed to be.’ “Who says you can’t have a relationship with your job?!?” she screeched animatedly. “Well, they do?!” I said with timidity. “Who are they anyway and what do they know?” she responded. “You CAN have both. You need to believe it and STOP listening to other people. What do they know about your life?!” Point taken Alana. Point taken. That short conversation has been instrumental for me. SO instrumental for me. Have a short conversation with yourself regarding that thing you keep believing cause other people tell you.

What do they know about your life? What do I know about your life? Nothing.

It’s about time you believed a new thang. 

Kara Mulder God Wins

So, be careful when you read my stories from year eight of flying and you are just in the beginning. Be careful to listen too closely and take everything I say for cold, hard truth. It’s you that has the responsibility and power to create your life, and your flight attendant one at that. When I say don’t read this blog, I’m simply saying— GO ON YOUR ADVENTURE. I’ll go on mine and through it, let’s continue sharing, supporting, and inspiring each other along the way.

How does that sound? 

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Ramona says February 24, 2016

This is one of the very first posts I read in your site, and I agree 100%. It happens all across the blogging world, from wanting to be that luxurious fashion model in NYC to overnight-success-super-entrepreneur-with-world-changing-idea to adventuring the world on never-seen expeditions to selling everything and living off grid in Costa Rica with nothing but handmade clothing and homegrown veggies. And for so many of us, our ideal of the day seems to change with every new blog we discover.
I love the way this article is writing and how you brilliantly point to what’s really important in life – making our very OWN experiences and letting go of the “this is how it should be”. Way to go Kara!

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