Did I Just Turn 21???

One year old

Not even close, but with the fun of my life, you’d think I was just a youngster.

Too Much Fun

Last year, I wrote about saying goodbye to twenty-five.  I described twenty-five in five words, and I penned my hopes for twenty-six.  My list included activities like taking a writing class, studying Spanish, and learning to play one song on the Ukulele.  And then the travel part? Yeah.  I’m a dreamer. A big dreamer.  I’m looking at the blog entry, one year later, one year older, and, my first reaction is the judgment that, I didn’t accomplish much.


South Dakota

At least I rode this horse in South Dakota

It’s just that my story-line for year twenty-six ad-libbed itself a bit, close to, but not exactly what I had in mind for the year.  Going trapeze flying instead of skydiving.  That was a good time, but I still need to jump out of an airplane, have yet to ride in a helicopter, and yes, I think I said that I would go on twenty-six dates with the same guy.  That was out of my control.  The Bachelor casters ruined my love life (bwhahahaha).  I’m changing my tune a bit: I‘m going to attempt to find someone that’s NOT foreign (I can’t say I hate the magnetism those foreigners have for me.  Accents. Language. Culture. Travel.  These are few of my favorite things), and it may help to not be going to Iceland when making lunch plans or I’m sure the third date would have happened if I didn’t spend three weeks in Thailand and Vietnam.  Such is life…


Life is just weird sometimes.

But I have to say, twenty-six made my jaw drop, many times speechless by what was in my life this year.  I had hoped that 26 would bring to my life, acceptance, appreciating the value of time, consistency, balance, and letting go.  If I was to sum up 26 in one sentence, it would be “My life is Crazy,” followed by a huge grin.


Or maybe I’m just crazy;)

Eiffel Tower

But I get to do cool stuff


All over the world.  Crete, Greece.

Chiang, Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Elephant Nature Park

It was a year of sorting through beliefs.  Me, caught in a swinging pendulum looking for a contented balance.  I did things on a whim, from getting stuck in Paris, to a nose piercing in Istanbul, it was a year of adventures and learning.  I went to 13 countries in 12 months, and that doesn’t include domestic travel.  I attempted to maintain friendships in Los Angeles, build my website, learn Spanish, be healthy, enjoy Hermosa, go to Church, work full-time, be a Tortilla Entrepreneur, go on too many first dates…and so much more.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia.  Istanbul

Munich, Germany Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany Oktoberfest

And all that I am thinking right now is that I just can’t do it all.  I can’t be everywhere all of the time.  I will never be everything for everybody.  I am not even sure I am enough for me.  And I’m just tired.

Sick flight attendant

So, what do I want for 27?  How, and where do I even start when I know that last year’s vision was not check boxed off in black and white fashion?  I don’t know what I want this year.

I’m address-less right now.

My iPhone had an meeting with a porcelain swimming pool yesterday.

And I leave Los Angeles permanently in two days.

Happy Birthday To Me and Happy New Year.

Birthday Party

“Twenty-Seven, can you please just calm down a bit?”

That just might be nice.


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