Croatia: Your Next Summer Vacation

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Hvar Island Croatia

Croatia is one of my absolute most favorite places.  The European country waves to Italy from across The Adriatic, and although still somewhat unthought of in comparison to the popularity of Its Italian neighbor, Croatia is fast becoming a hotspot for summer holidays.

The country is small and traveling between the cities and islands, by bus or ferry, is inexpensive and simple.  The towns and cities are filled with good restaurants, museums, interesting architecture, and street cafes, while the countryside offers choices for activity including hiking, swimming, biking, and rock climbing.

I liked Croatia for more than a few reasons.  The coastlines are dominated by jagged rocks and shorelines, creating an unapproachable beauty, offset by the warm and all consuming Mediterranean sunshine.  Dubrovnik is nice if you accept that way too many people fill the city during daylight hours due to cruise ship visitors.  Korcula Town carries that mix of old world europe that Dubrovnik boasts, minus the crowds, with the cobbled streets and an endless amount of stairs (Packing in a backpack was a smart choice for this trip).  Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage site, located equidistant between Zagreb and Zadar is a see once in your life.  Zadar, gave the ultimate surprise, Emily and I both not expecting to fall so in love with the city.  The Sea Organ, The Garden Bar, the absolutely cool Hostel owner Chris, and just the feel of the city made it an easy for Emily and I to stay a few extra days.  Zagreb, the capital, which most only consider as a stopover when entering or exiting the country, claims The Museum of Broken Relationships as its own, one of the most interesting museums I have visited, in any country.  Zagreb’s cafes and the people are inviting, which are alive, especially at night, when the blistering sun says goodnight.

Musuem Of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes


Zadar near The Sea Organ

When looking for places to stay, I would recommend private accommodation, renting a room or a flat from a local.  During Emily and my travels we had no problems finding places to stay in good locations.  We simply stepped off of the bus or ferry at our destination and waited to be accosted by locals, who would typically say something like, “I have a v-rrroom forrr re-NT.  Zit is near san-dee veeeeach!  Verrrrry niccccee. Come! Come! I show you.”  If you are traveling during high season, June to early September, it would be wise to book accommodation ahead of time because places tend t0 fill up.  Another great option, and something Emily and I didn’t have time to do, but would like to someday, is sail or yacht to the various islands.  There are budget tours, renting an entire yacht for you and your friends, or high end options available.  Some options incude:

I could continue to go on about Croatia, and the 10 days that we spent exploring was not enough.  I need to go back as there is so much beauty to take in, relaxing days to enjoy, and more Spinach Pie and gelato to eat.  Next time Rovinj, The Blue Grotto, and swimming at Krka National Park are just a few things I hope to see and do.

Here are some more photos from my trip, if you are still not convinced to take a trip of your own.

Zagreb Farmers Market

Zagreb Farmers Market

Plitvice Lakes Waterfall

Waterfall at Plitvice Lakes


Sunset at the harbor, Hvar

Korcula Town




Kayaking Dubrovnik

Kayaking in Dubrovnik

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