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The life and style of a commercial flight attendant

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Flight Attendant Schedules: A Flight Attendant At A Major Airline ‘Bids’
One of the most frequent questions flight attendants field, or that I hear on this blog is, “What is your[...]
The Boeing 787-8: A Flight Attendant Takes You On An Inside Tour Of The Dreamliner
The Boeing 787-8 is my office, but more than that, it sometimes feels like my home. As an International Long-Haul[...]
My Layovers Though…
Rachael and I giggled as we wandered beneath bright blue Scandinavian skies; past bright buildings and impeccably dressed Danish men.[...]
Pros and Cons of Being a Commercial Flight Attendant
Everyone has their own reasons why they want to become a flight attendant. You may want to travel. You might hate your office[...]
Getting Hired as a Flight Attendant: Do This! NOT That!
The most popular searches and interests about flight attendant life relates to you wanting to know what airlines to work for and how to get[...]

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