My Codependent Relationship

flight attendant suitcase

Always with me, I cannot break away.

My grip holds tight.

I wonder who I am without,

Because we are always,


I rarely go unaccompanied.

And I am always going.


I travel,

Questioned as to how I can go,


But, I am never alone.

I cannot be.


My shadow.  My second half.  My mismatched partner.

This is my life.

I’m in a codependent relationship.

Defining me?

Affecting me?


My direction…

Which is, “Point me to the nearest


So together,

We go.

Much too reliant on the presence,

Of the one that holds,

So much of my life


The one that is

My life.

In a Bag.

A flight attendant and suitcase


My Shadow

A Flight Attendant's Life


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