“Cheers To You Bae:” The Flight Attendant Life Revisits The Best Of 2015

Every year, I like to make a video looking back at the best moments of the year. 2013 was full of fun and living in Hawaii. 2014 was dominated by transition and challenge. And 2015— well, you can look back with me… Watch the video below.

I would say that 2015 had so many surprises in it. It was a year of following my heart, having too many things to do, and going for dreams. It was full of doubts and successes, many mistakes and a few regrets.

You’ll see people in this video that have meant a lot to me this year. You’ll see places in this video that have made an impression on me.

My life would not be without you. My life would not be the same without flying, without this blog, and without every single experience good and hard that has happened.

I’m excited to be back to writing for this blog in 2016 and introducing new contributors to you guys. I also want to tell you some of the stuff that has really been happening in my world, but I have to fly right now.

Happy 2016 my Darlings!


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